Why 99% of All Prayers Go Unanswered

In the midst of the current pandemic, many people are praying for protection, for safety, for healing, and for a return back to the way things were before.

And yet the reports show the progression continues to be consistent.  Nothing is slowing this down.  Not prayer, not face masks, not social distancing, not anything.

However, the reports don’t show everything.  They only show the AVERAGE results produced by EVERYONE.

Certain individuals are having great success getting the protection, the safety, and the healing they desire.  Some folks are actually THRIVING during this global health crisis.

I remember reading a scientific study published a number of years ago on the effects of prayer.  They started with a list of patients with various health issues, and assigned these ‘cases’ to various people, with the intention that those involved in the study would pray for the recovery of their particular case patient.  Only the patient’s name and general area of need was given to those praying for them.

In this particular study, the only information recorded for those praying was their stated religious affiliation.  No data was captured regarding method of prayer, length of time praying, pre-existing belief patterns, or specific words and/or images used during prayer.

With such limited data, it’s no wonder that they concluded that “all forms of prayer are equally effective”.  However, it would have been more accurate to say that a person’s religious affiliation makes no difference in their ability to pray effectively.

As someone who has researched the actual METHODS of prayer, I know for a fact that some forms are more effective than others. Shaking your fist at the sky while shouting curses is NOT an effective form of prayer.  Visualizing the patient and his/her health problem while asking for a healing is also not effective, and can actually make the problem worse.  Getting quiet, identifying with Divine Source and imagining the patient as healed, whole, and complete is much more effective.

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