How to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World

My message today may rub some folks the wrong way.

I’ll apologize for that up front.

Please understand that my intention is to help you see where you can take control over the events in your life to create your vision of perfection.

Okay, with that said, let’s continue.

Those of us who have studied and practiced manifesting look at the current world situation a bit differently than most.

Most folks are highly cautious of interacting with people outside their household as a safety precaution to avoid becoming compromised.

Those of us who know we create our own reality understand that it really doesn’t matter, because our beliefs determine whether or not we are protected.

If we truly believe we are protected and will stay healthy, we will, even when we come in direct contact with things like viruses and bacteria.

If you believe that a virus can kill you, then you’re open to experiencing that reality, even if you take all the recommended precautions.

Now, when I say “if we TRULY believe”, I’m suggesting that there’s more involved than just a surface belief about one specific situation.

This is where most folks get the whole “our beliefs create our reality” thing wrong.

It’s not enough to just believe that this one situation will turn out a specific way.

There’s a whole network of beliefs that work together to create your experiences.

To illustrate this, my beliefs in regards to the COVID-19 situation include the following:

  • My beliefs create my reality.
  • Beliefs are more powerful than physical reality.
  • Other people’s beliefs affect them, but not me.
  • Every situation can be a positive experience in one way or another.
  • My body expresses perfect health at all times.
  • I am one with the Divine, and completely protected at all times.
  • I could be exposed to the most harmful thing on the planet and still be okay.
  • This virus wasn’t a problem last year, therefore it is a temporary condition.
  • Viruses mutate from time to time, and this one can easily mutate into something completely harmless.

Of course, there are many other beliefs that would also influence my experience during this time.

Beliefs such as “I usually get the results I want” and “I enjoy my life the way it is” also influence my experiences in all areas of life.

Where someone else may see being cautious as a practical matter devoid of any fear, I’d say that the only reason to be cautious is when you’re afraid of the possible consequences.

How many of us take practical measures to protect ourselves from an overabundance of oxygen?

To be fair, if you’re worried about possible consequences, then you SHOULD be cautious, because your beliefs are not yet to a point where you would be fully protected.

In the meantime, I would recommend you work on shifting your beliefs to be more confident in your ability to stay healthy regardless of prevailing conditions.

The shift will take some time. The more you’ve been locked into the idea of a physical reality outside your control, the longer it will take to shift into a belief that you are in control over every experience in your life.

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