Month: February 2018

Behind the Scenes Numbers

On January 10, 2018, I launched a new e-course called “30 Days to Divine Power“. This was new for me in that I created it as a paid product, but allowed folks to decide for themselves what they wanted to pay for it AFTER they had already gone through it. I set it up this way for 2 reasons. First, because I’ve done a lot of “pay what you want” live events here in the

Building Wealth Without Starting a Business

Recent posts have focused on starting a business doing something you enjoy. But what if you want more wealth, but don’t want to start a business? Fair question, especially since many folks are completely happy working a regular job, and not everyone wants to venture out into the unknown in pursuit of greater wealth. But I do have to make one point.  Even if you’re an employee working for someone else, you’re still in business. 

Mailing List Management

After 15 years of online business, I can confirm that your most valuable asset will be your mailing list. Without a mailing list, it takes much more effort to sell your products and services, and with a good list, you can make money promoting products and services whether you or someone else provides them. What has really surprised me were the many times I thought I had burned out my list from too many promotions

How to Be the Best in your Field

One of the most basic pieces of business advice is, “find a need and fill it.” This means that if you want to create wealth through your own business, the first step is to find out what people need. Now, this may seem to contradict what I said earlier about pursuing your own interests and doing what you enjoy.  But it doesn’t. There’s a balance point, where some aspect of what you enjoy matches up

How to Manifest Wealth

The vast majority of our group have indicated they would like to manifest more wealth. So let’s talk about this specifically. Obviously, the first step is to use the manifestation process I’ve been sharing with you to direct Divine Power to bring wealth in whatever amounts you feel is appropriate. Relax as deeply as you can to make a strong connection with the Divine. Imagine how your life would be with your desired level of

Dances of Universal Peace Workshop

Last night, I had the opportunity to record a workshop in which the “best” shots would be in the middle of all the activity.  This was a new experience for me, as I normally record events from the sidelines where I’m not in anyone’s way. Luckily, no one minded my being there.  Maybe because I moved around from time to time so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way for long. Overall, I think it turned

New E-Course – 30 Days to Divine Power

On January 10th, I celebrated 15 years of having an online business.  I also announced to my mailing list that I was creating a new email series designed to help folks access the Divine Power that lies within all of us and use it to manifest whatever you may want in life. This e-course is being offered as a “pay what you feel it’s worth” product, with payment made AFTER you go through the e-course

How to Best Respond to Negative News

My wife, Linda, is currently going through the early stages of a transition. As a freelancer, she juggles several different jobs, and a number of them are coming to an end. Whereas most folks would look at this and feel a sense of failure or loss, we’re holding a more positive focus to manifest something better. The way we’re looking at this is: “What grand and glorious new thing is coming that requires so much

The Greatest Secret of Wealth & Success

When I was a kid, my Aunt Pat worked in a bookstore, and I would get a variety of books they gave up on selling. Comic books, mostly, but every so often something a bit more interesting. One of the most impactual gifts I received from her was a collection of 4 books written by Og Mandino, which included “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” This was my first “success / motivation” book, and is