Dances of Universal Peace Workshop

Last night, I had the opportunity to record a workshop in which the “best” shots would be in the middle of all the activity.  This was a new experience for me, as I normally record events from the sidelines where I’m not in anyone’s way.

Luckily, no one minded my being there.  Maybe because I moved around from time to time so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way for long.

Overall, I think it turned out really well, and am proud to add it to my video portfolio.

The thing I’ve learned with these videos is that you can always spend more time tweaking things to improve them further.  Where you stop is more a matter of what you’re willing to spend on it than anything else.  As it is now, I spent nearly 2 hours editing this 72-minute video.  If I were to quote a fee on this type of project, that quote would be around $250 for personal use / $500 for (royalty-free) commercial use.

The final video includes shots from 3 cameras, including a DVX200 on a tripod, and a Yi 4k action camera on a window ledge.  The main camera was my trusty AX100 on a monopod, which also served as a mock-steadicam for moving shots.  Edited with Magix Vegas Pro 15 software.

While I did have a professional mic on the DVX, most of the audio in the final video came from the built-in mics of the AX100.  In the right situation, they do admirably well.