How to Best Respond to Negative News

My wife, Linda, is currently going through the early stages of a transition.

As a freelancer, she juggles several different jobs, and a number of them are coming to an end.

Whereas most folks would look at this and feel a sense of failure or loss, we’re holding a more positive focus to manifest something better.

The way we’re looking at this is:

“What grand and glorious new thing is coming that requires so much time to be available?”

Manifesting positive things into your life is about more than doing affirmations, or holding a specific vision of what you want to experience.

It’s also about how you respond to changes.

The beliefs you have about what things mean.

What you expect to be the final outcome regardless of appearances.

When I made the mistake of announcing the payment form for the 30 Days to Divine Power e-course, then saw no payments for a couple of days, I could have looked at it as failure, but I didn’t.

I knew the material was good, and I also knew that I attract good people, so while there will always be some people who won’t follow through on making even a small payment for the e-course, there would be enough doing so to make the project successful.

Since taking responsibility for the problem and correcting my mistake, the response has been simply wonderful.

For example, there was one person who made a small $10 payment and wrote in saying that he really didn’t have much to offer, but wanted to make sure I knew he appreciated the materials.

So far, the average payment on the 30-day e-course is around $40, which is more than acceptable.

One of the lessons in the course focuses on using the “cause and effect” nature of karma to maximize your manifestation results.

Essentially, the more you give to others, the more Life gives to you.

This is why I continue to write the most informative and helpful articles I can, and why I’ve released the new e-course as a “pay later” product.

30 Days to Divine Power

It’s also why I’m giving surprise bonuses to everyone who does make a payment for the course.

After I receive each payment, I go into that person’s member account to see what other products they’ve purchased from me, and depending on what I find and the amount they paid for the 30-day course, I add something extra to their account.

A number of folks who paid $40-ish with no previous purchase history, I’ve been adding the $97 Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package, which includes a HUGE amount of great materials.

For the guy who paid $10, he had purchased so many of my other products, the only thing I could think to give him was an upgrade to the Platinum Membership, which includes EVERYTHING.

There was someone else who paid in $60, had previously purchased theĀ Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package, so I also upgraded him to the Platinum Membership.

Now, I hope you realize that the only reason I’m sharing these details is to give you an example of how you can activate the principle of karma to get more of what you want in your life.

When you know that you’re a blessing to others, and hold a positive vision for your future, it’s a lot easier to respond to events that may appear negative as a step in a positive direction.

If you want a template to follow, let’s consider the core manifestation process of relax, imagine, and trust.

When you receive news that may seem negative, first relax, and refuse to get anxious or worried.

This is easier if you take a moment and think of something enjoyable until you feel a definite emotional response.

Imagine how this news may be a good thing, and hold your focus on the possibility that the future will be at least this good or better.

And finally, trust that all will come together for your benefit, regardless of the path events take.

As with most things, holding your focus on positive possibilities takes practice.

If you find you need help practicing this, and you haven’t already done so, sign up for the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course.

You’ll get specific guidance on HOW to hold your focus, and HOW to focus on positive things even when the outer world appears negative.

And more importantly, you’ll get plenty of fun, enjoyable practice focusing on things which will manifest abundant blessings into your life.

Wishing you the best of all good things.