New E-Course – 30 Days to Divine Power

On January 10th, I celebrated 15 years of having an online business.  I also announced to my mailing list that I was creating a new email series designed to help folks access the Divine Power that lies within all of us and use it to manifest whatever you may want in life.

This e-course is being offered as a “pay what you feel it’s worth” product, with payment made AFTER you go through the e-course itself.  This way, you get to “try before you buy” and spend only as much as you feel the e-course was worth TO YOU!

30 Days to Divine Power Signup Form

This is something I do often in my live workshops, and is the first time I’ve done it online.  I have to say that the online experience closely matches what I see offline, in that the majority of folks who do pay are choosing to pay around $40 or so for what they received.  The big difference is that with my live workshops, everyone contributes something, but this hasn’t yet happened with the online audience.  Even so, the venture has proven itself to be viable and profitable, so I’ll continue offering it as long as it remains viable.

Writing the e-course was relatively easy, since I only had to write one email per day for 30 days.  Each one took about an hour to write, especially since I use a process of going within to get guidance from the Divine Mind for each one.  This helps me write the best materials I can, and help the greatest number of people.

The core manifestation process was completely covered in the first few days, and the balance of the e-course focused on maximizing the results you can get with the process, and overcoming past failures and limiting beliefs.

30 days may seem like a long time to learn how to use what many call the Law of Attraction or the Power of Prayer.  I will say that while there may have been some folks who could have gone through the e-course quicker, I did have a number of folks tell me they needed to take it a bit slower in order to get the full benefit from what I was sharing with them.

If you’re interested in exploring your own Divine Nature and learning to manifest a life of blessings and more specific desires, I invite you to sign up for the new e-course.  No obligation to pay anything unless you feel it has real value for you.

30 Days to Divine Power Signup Form