Month: January 2016

The Dangers of Meditating Too Much

As much as I love meditation and the results it creates, I have to warn you about meditating too much.  It just isn’t healthy.  And the problem I’m referring to affects more people than you might expect. In fact, everyone who has ever said, “I’m too old for this” has already been affected. You see, one of the fundamental principles of life is that living things adapt to their environments. Have you ever noticed how

The Most Profound Result I’ve Ever Experienced

For years, I’ve talked about how our beliefs create our experiences. The quote that comes up most often is: According to your faith is it done to you. Of course, even on a purely physical level, our beliefs lead to our decisions, which leads to our actions, which leads to our results. You decided to do something because you believed it was the right thing to do in the circumstances. In some cases, our beliefs

A Surprising Trick to Motivate Yourself

Most personal development systems suggest that the best way to reach success is to bite the bullet and use your willpower to force yourself to do the things necessary for success. They promise that the more you do it, the easier it will get.  You just have to get over the initial hump. One of the main reasons so many people fail to follow through with their New Year’s Resolutions past January is because getting

Turning Fear into Confidence

Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing?  Or if you were really prepared for an upcoming event?  Ever feel the butterflies churning in your gut? Of course.  We all have.  We’ve all experienced that type of fear. In fact, when I was getting ready for this last workshop, the night before, I knew that I hadn’t prepared for it as much as I would have liked, and experienced those same feelings.

Meeting the Alien, or Why Affirmations Are Not Enough

There’s an old saying.  As you believe, so will it be. As fully described in my book, “Choose To Believe“, our beliefs are the starting point of all experience.  Even on a purely practical level, our beliefs shape our decisions and actions, which lead to our results.  On a spiritual level, our beliefs have an energy which interacts with the world around us to shape events directly. Many people call this “luck”. No matter which

The Most Powerful Secret of All

What I’ve been sharing with you this past week is the foundation for everything. Once you’ve mastered this, anything else you want to manifest will be a whole lot easier. Just to recap, the core manifestation process behind the material I’ve shared with you consists of just 3 steps: Relax as deeply as you can. Imagine what you want to manifest (with joy). Trust that it will actually happen. You may recall that when you

Life Lessons from an Internet Business Course

For all those who want (or need) to make more money this year, I’d like to introduce you to Terry Dean’s new course, the “Internet Lifestyle System“. BTW, I’ve purchased my own copy of the course, and have watched a few of the 14 hours of videos in the 8 separate modules. WOW!  I wish I had this course when I first started!  Even with my 13 years of experience online, I STILL learned 2

How to GUARANTEE Success

Trust. It’s so easy to trust when everything is already going your way, but so hard when all you can remember is frustration and disappointment. If you’ve been working with the ideas I’ve given you so far in this blog series, you’ll probably notice that it’s already getting a little easier to trust. In fact, you may have noticed that you don’t get as frustrated or disappointed as you used to. What’s that?  You HAVEN’T

How to Improve Your Ability to Visualize

Yesterday, I mentioned that the simplest approach to manifesting your desires is to put yourself into a semi-trance state and then use visualization while feeling good. I also promised to explain this in more detail. Putting yourself into a semi-trance state, we covered yesterday.  Act as if you’re settling in for a nap.  Allow yourself to drift off, but don’t actually go to sleep. The deeper you can go, the better. If you have any

A Surprising Way to Develop Trust

Trust.  It’s one of the most important factors for manifesting your desires into reality. In the words of Henry David Thoreau: “… if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Or as another wise sage once said, “According to your faith is it done to you.” What we expect, we experience. Of course,