How to Improve Your Ability to Visualize

Yesterday, I mentioned that the simplest approach to manifesting your desires is to put yourself into a semi-trance state and then use visualization while feeling good.

I also promised to explain this in more detail.

Putting yourself into a semi-trance state, we covered yesterday.  Act as if you’re settling in for a nap.  Allow yourself to drift off, but don’t actually go to sleep.

The deeper you can go, the better.

If you have any problem with this, you could use a variety of drug-free tools to help you relax.

One of the best is BrainWave Entrainment (BWE) audio recordings designed to help you reach either an alpha or theta level of mind.

I use a piece of software that allows me to customize the experience.  It’s called Neuro-Programmer 3, and is made by a company called Transparent Corporation.  They have a lot of great information on the subject, including a number of scientific studies showing the benefits of using BWE technologies.

Okay, so let’s assume you can relax deeply enough.

The next step is to visualize what you want to manifest while feeling good.

How does one control their emotions so they can feel good anytime they want?  For me, it comes back to visualizing.  Now, before I go any further, let me define what I mean.

When I say “visualizing”, I’m not just talking about visual images within your mind.  I’m also referring to other senses, such as sounds, touch, taste, and smell.

Try this.

Think of your mother.

  • Can you see her face?
  • Smell her perfume?
  • Feel her arms hugging you?
  • Can you taste her cooking?

Odds are that you had a response to one of the above questions, and shows you have the capacity to visualize.

You can develop the ability to visualize better.

Pick up a small object. Doesn’t matter what it is.  Look at it intently.  Study it.  Memorize it.

Now, close your eyes and remember what you saw.

Open your eyes and study the object again.  Close your eyes and remember the visual details.  Repeat this over and over again, and you will eventually start to “see” more details within your mind.

Do the same with all your senses.

The next time you taste something wonderful, focus all of your attention on the sensations of taste, smell, and the feeling of the food in your mouth.

Once you swallow one bite, replay the experience within your mind.  Imagine that you’re taking another bite, and focus all your attention on the details of the experience.

Now, take another bite, and memorize the experience.  After a few times of this, you’ll be able to experience the same sensations without actually eating.  In fact, you’ll get twice the enjoyment from the same amount of food.

Does this give you any ideas for a unique diet plan?

Okay, let’s get back on topic.

When you visualize an enjoyable experience, you naturally feel good as a result.  So, anytime you want to feel good, you just have to imagine an enjoyable experience.

So, when you want to manifest something, relax as deeply as you can, imagine an enjoyable experience to put yourself into a positive emotional state, and then imagine what you want to manifest.


You’ve just set in motion things that will help guide you to take the right actions at the right time so you get the results you want.

Okay, your assignment is to indulge your senses at least once or twice today, and memorize the experience so you can visualize it in detail whenever you want.