Month: January 2016

The First Time I Manifested Free Money

Remember when I said that cash coming out of thin air probably wasn’t going to happen? Sometimes it actually does happen that way. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced little bits of money coming out of nowhere.  $5 here.  $10 there.  Even $20 from time to time. The problem was …. it wasn’t predictable.  I couldn’t MAKE it happen when I wanted to. Not until that day in the bookstore. My regular readers already know this

The Quickest Way to Manifest Anything

I’ve spent over 30 years searching for the best way to manifest my desires. A lot of folks tell you to say affirmations, stated in the present tense, using “I” statements, and describe what you want as if it is your current reality. That can work, but it’s not the quickest path to success. Then there are the folks who tell you to VISUALIZE your goals, as if they are happening to you right now.

What You Can Expect From Manifesting

What’s REALLY Possible? That’s a question that often comes up whenever we talk about manifesting things into reality. Some folks want to know if it’s reasonable to expect a pile of cash to suddenly materialize out of nowhere onto their kitchen table, or if they have to actually work for it. Here’s my take on the matter. I’ve seen some amazing things, and I fully believe that it’s POSSIBLE to materialize objects out of thin

How to Reach Your Goals with Less Effort

Whether you set New Year’s Resolutions or not, chances are that you have at least ONE goal you want to achieve. If you’re like most folks, you probably have quite a few. One of the objectives I have for this blog is to help you achieve as many of your goals as possible, and to do so with the least amount of effort possible. One of the most common misconceptions around goal setting is that