Meeting the Alien, or Why Affirmations Are Not Enough

There’s an old saying.  As you believe, so will it be.

As fully described in my book, “Choose To Believe“, our beliefs are the starting point of all experience.  Even on a purely practical level, our beliefs shape our decisions and actions, which lead to our results.  On a spiritual level, our beliefs have an energy which interacts with the world around us to shape events directly.

Many people call this “luck”.

No matter which way you look at beliefs, if you want to change your life in any significant way, you have to start by changing your beliefs.  While affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, and subliminal suggestion can all work, they don’t work nearly as well as direct physical experience.

Look at it this way.

A lot of folks talk about extraterrestrial life, but with all the talk, most folks are still undecided whether they believe in aliens or not.

But one thing’s for sure.  If you met an alien face to face, you’d believe in aliens 100%.

The same is true with manifestation.

A lot of folks talk about it, but it’s only when you have a direct physical experience that you believe in it 100%.

This is why using affirmations is not enough.

To manifest something, you have to first believe in it, and to believe in it, you need to experience something more than words.

When affirmations work, they work because they stimulate the imagination to “visualize” the desired outcome.  The reason I put “visualize” in quotes is because I’m referring to the use of all senses, not just the visual sense.

Psychologists tell us that the subconscious mind, that part which stores both memories and beliefs, cannot tell the difference between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined.

This is why someone who is scared of spiders will react with fear to an imagined spider, even when there is absolutely no danger.  And this is why visualization is a more powerful manifestation technique than affirmations.

For visualization to reach its full potential, however, you need to relax as deeply as you can.

Just sitting down, closing your eyes, and taking a deep breath is not enough.

You see, its only VIVIDLY IMAGINED things that can significantly affect the subconscious mind.  A brief, vague, fuzzy image just won’t do it.  It has to be a clear, bright, sharp image. (sound, smell, taste, feeling, etc.)