Year: 2014

How to Actualize Your Infinite Potential

I’d like to share with you another great affirmation that has come up recently. “I open my mind to the infinite potential within me. As I relax into the core of my being, I allow more of this infinite potential to become actualized into my experience.” One of the most important things to manifest is your own personal growth, which leads to better manifestations. The traditional practice of meditation is a slow and gentle approach,

How to be a More Positive Person

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been compiling a list of affirmations which may be used in a trance state to make significant changes in your life. Here’s another one: “I reject all negative and limiting ideas, and only accept positive ideas which support me and my goals. Any negative or limiting idea is released from my memory and has no more impact on my decisions or actions. My thoughts and behaviors are

Simple, Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

Something that has been coming out of my recent meditation work is a series of affirmations that may be used to manifest various things into your life. Some of these were sparked by things I’ve read, such as this one, which can be an answer to the problem of fear: “As I pursue my goals, I automatically select choices that are a reasonable balance between simplicity, safety, and satisfaction.” By programming this into your deeper

Relax and Trust

One of the key principles of manifesting is that when you shift your beliefs to a point where you actually EXPECT the things you want to happen, they do. And everything else is just a set of tools to help you reach this point of expectation. In fact, I recall pointing out that the main reason for developing willpower is to make it easier to control your thinking and go directly to expectation without having

EUREKA! A Simple, yet Powerful Process to Manifest Anything

As you may recall, I’ve spent the last 30+ years exploring the mysteries of the mind, and testing a wide variety of ideas to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how you can get great results quickly. Every so often, I publish a new book based on this research. The original “Keys To Power – Step by Step” course contained the seeds of everything I had learned up to 2003. In 2008, I published

Why Today may be the Best Time to Manifest Your Dreams

Halloween used to be considered the BEST time to make contact with “the other side”.  It was said that the barrier between the physical and spirit worlds was thinner than at any other time. Considering that the process of manifesting your desires makes use of spiritual power, it could be said that this is also the best time to do any manifestation work. One of the key themes in this series is that imagination plays

How to Change the Past

A technique I’ve been working with more lately is one that was hinted at in my “Choose To Believe” book and briefly mentioned directly in “Harmonic Prayer“. While I thought I understood what it could do, I wasn’t prepared at HOW MUCH it has changed the balance of my entire belief system.  Considering that I’ve been working with my beliefs for years and years, this is incredible! The principle is based on the idea that

How to Find Hidden Limitations

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that one of my new commitments was to invest at least 30 minutes each day to my own personal development. While I will admit that I may have missed a day or two, the time I’ve invested is already paying off handsomely.  In fact, I found some self-worth issues I didn’t realize were there. Here’s how you can find such ‘hidden’ issues. First, pick an area of life

How to Decide Where to Invest Your Time

To continue from my previous post about cutting back on the number of projects we are all working on, the next question that comes up is: “How do I decide what to keep and what to drop?” Considering that the reason we want to cut back on the number of activities we pursue is to increase our enjoyment of life, we want to make sure the activities we keep will give us the most joy.

This is CRITICAL to Manifesting

One thing that has become clear from the emails I’ve received recently is that many, MANY folks are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do in their lives. I can certainly relate!  Over the last several years, I’ve taken on way too many projects and need to drop a few myself. And here’s why. When we try to do too much, the quality of our work suffers and we end up not doing anything as