How to Decree Your Intention

Today I’m going to share with you another process you can use to direct Universal Power to manifest your desires.

So far, I’ve given you 4 processes, including:

  1. “I can and I will.”
  2. Believe, resolve, and expect.
  3. Imagine and trust.
  4. Magnetic Manifesting

This next process is a variation on the previous one (magnetic manifesting), and goes much faster.

It’s a process that hasn’t been talked about much in recent years. Older texts refer to it as commanding the Universe, or decreeing your intention.

Here are the steps.

First, as usual, release any tensions you may feel in your mind and body. Taking a deep breath and releasing it (somewhat) forcefully can help.  Mentally drop everything and take a moment to relax.

Now, turn your attention to the Source of All Power, which you will find in the deepest aspects of yourself.  Call forth this Power, causing it to well up within you and fill your entire being until you are overflowing with Power.

Next, turn your attention to the world around you. Specifically, to that time/place/person you want to change.  Having done that, address that time/place/person as a king or queen would address a servant, and instruct/order/decree what you want to take place.

In other words, give your command, expecting obedience.  There’s no need to be harsh about it. Just express what you want to happen.  You can, however, imagine that your command is strengthen by the Power you have collected, which carries your orders to the intended target in such a way that compliance is forced.

There is a subtle point here in that you must EXPECT positive results, and any mental attempt to force a result usually comes from a belief that positive results won’t “just happen” on their own.

In other words, it’s okay to imagine that the Power you direct with your command will force a result, but you’re treading on shaky ground if YOU try to force it to happen.

Do you understand the difference here?

Once you’ve given your command, nothing else is required.  Just go on with whatever else you want to do in the moment, and trust that your command will be obeyed.

The level of belief you want to have is the same as your level of expectation that a light will turn on when you flip the switch. You want to KNOW that it’s going to work.