How to Change the Past

A technique I’ve been working with more lately is one that was hinted at in my “Choose To Believe” book and briefly mentioned directly in “Harmonic Prayer“.

While I thought I understood what it could do, I wasn’t prepared at HOW MUCH it has changed the balance of my entire belief system.  Considering that I’ve been working with my beliefs for years and years, this is incredible!

The principle is based on the idea that many of our beliefs were created in response to various experiences we’ve had during our lives, and sustained by memories of those events.  In other words, our current beliefs are based on memories.

As such, if you change the memories, the beliefs change too.

Changing a memory is actually a fairly straightforward process. You think about it, and imagine it as if it were what you would have liked the experience to be.

For example, if you remember a time when you were ridiculed or embarrassed, imagine the event as a game in which everyone was having fun, especially you.  As you imagine the past event in this new way, the memory of it starts to shift to become more like your chosen version, and the limiting beliefs start to fade away.

Of course, the more vivid your imagination, the more the memory will change to match the new version.

For really negative memories, it can help to first imagine them as cartoons with very wild and humorous antics, which can diffuse the negative tone. Imagine the roadrunner turning the tables on the coyote and you’ll get the idea.

From my experience, it doesn’t take long either.  Just a few minutes was enough to change the tone of several memories from my childhood which were obviously still impacting me in various ways.

To clarify, the process took a few minutes for each memory. No more than 5 minutes for each one.  And yet, I can feel the difference, and I’m starting to make decisions differently than I had before.

Different decisions produce different results.

It may be coincidence, but I’m also seeing a better way to structure the new “Awaken the Avatar Within” program.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working to change the way the exercises were presented, and now I see a way to eliminate them completely.

I learned a long time ago that if I keep running into obstacles on a project (especially if I’m the obstacle) then it means there’s a better way to approach it.

Now that I’m looking at this new approach, I feel a sense of excitement and jubilation welling up within me.  Not only will it be easier for people to work with, it will also be a lot easier for me to produce.

The next couple of weeks are busy for me, with photography jobs to complete, and an annual visit to my mom, who lives over 400 miles away.

However, I think it’s possible I could have everything done in mid-November.

I’ll let you know when it’s ready.