Simple, Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

Something that has been coming out of my recent meditation work is a series of affirmations that may be used to manifest various things into your life.

Some of these were sparked by things I’ve read, such as this one, which can be an answer to the problem of fear:

“As I pursue my goals, I automatically select choices that are a reasonable balance between simplicity, safety, and satisfaction.”

By programming this into your deeper mind, you can eliminate much of the conscious effort to uncover hidden fears, determine if they are still valid or not, make any needed adjustments to your plans to ensure your safety, and still get the results you want to get.

When your deeper mind is programmed to “automatically” select appropriate choices, reaching your objectives is as easy as having a conversation.

Have you ever wondered how your mind selects the words you use when talking with friends?  It’s pretty automatic, isn’t it?  And yet, your meaning comes across, right?

This is because your subconscious mind, that deeper aspect of yourself, has been programmed to “automatically” select the appropriate words to communicate your conscious message.

You can do the same thing when shopping for gifts.

“As I browse the stores, my attention will automatically be pulled to the perfect gifts for those on my shopping list.”

The result: simple, stress-free Christmas shopping.

Now, just to make sure I’m as clear as I can be, the best way to reprogram your deeper mind with these affirmations is to first relax as completely as you can.  And I’m serious about the “as completely as you can” bit.  Put your body to sleep if you can, and let you mind drift into a self-hypnotic trance.

That’s where you’ll get the best results with affirmations.

I’ve got a bunch more affirmations to share with you, and instead of dropping them all on you at once, I’ll spread them out over the next few weeks.