Magnetic Manifesting

Today I’m going to share with you a process you can use to direct Universal Power to manifest your desires.

Yes, I know. FINALLY!

In my defense, I’ll point out that I HAVE talked about a few simple processes.

  1. “I can and I will.”
  2. Believe, resolve, and expect.
  3. Imagine and trust.

These 3 methods are the heart of manifestation, and everything else is merely an extension.

Most of the extensions are specific things you can imagine and trust to work for you.

One such extension, which has many variations, is one that can be referred to as “magnetic manifesting.”

Here’s how you do it.

Start by relaxing your mind and body. Let go of any tensions you may have, and allow yourself to be open to the Unlimited Power of the Universe.

It’s your choice whether you think of this Power as a force or as a personality.  Go with whatever feels right to you.

Focus your mind on the fact that you are intending to create a magnetic field of Power around you, and this field will attract to you the object of your desire.  It doesn’t matter if your desire is for money, love, sex, health, adventure, peace & tranquility, etc. etc. etc.

Once you create the magnetic field, whatever events need to take place will be attracted into your life path.

If it feels right to you, you can ask for help from the Universe, the Divine Presence, or your own higher self.

Imagine a ball of Power within you. Breathe deeply, and with each inhale, imagine the ball growing larger, brighter, warmer, and more Powerful.

Feel free to involve all of your senses. In other words, you may choose to imagine the ball of Power emitting a sound, which changes in pitch as it grows larger, or imagine it giving off a scent that grows more intense.  You could also imagine it getting heavier (or lighter) as you direct more Power into it.  In short, it’s your ball of Power. Feel free to imagine it responding any way that feels right to you.

Continue drawing more and more Power into the space within and around your body. When you feel you have enough, it’s time to ‘magnetize’ this Power to your desire.  This is done by ‘placing’ thoughts, images, feelings, and other sensory data into the ball of Power.

You are creating what used to be called a ‘thoughtform’.

Imagine what you want in vivid detail. Images, sounds, textures, tastes, smells, emotions. Put everything you can into it.  This works best when you imagine the final result, rather than the process of getting there.

I also recommend that you don’t include a time reference, because it COULD manifest a lot quicker than you think it would.  On the other hand, if more time is needed to bring together all the required factors, you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment.  Let it manifest in its own time, and trust that the timing will be perfect.

When you’ve created a big ball of Power and magnetized it to your desire, the only thing left is to release it to do whatever is required to bring about your manifestation.

Sometimes the ball of Power stays with you, attracting events into your life path. Other times, it goes out into the world to do its work.  If it stays with you, you can recharge it from time to time. If it goes out into the world, you can create new ones.

Either way, daily is a good frequency. If you can do it the same time each day, you can establish a rhythmic oscillation that enhances the Power you produce.

And that’s the whole process.

Again, the most important things are that you trust the process, and focus your mind to the point where you can hold your focus on all the vivid details of your desire long enough for it to manifest.