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How to Be the Best in your Field

One of the most basic pieces of business advice is, “find a need and fill it.” This means that if you want to create wealth through your own business, the first step is to find out what people need. Now, this may seem to contradict what I said earlier about pursuing your own interests and doing what you enjoy.  But it doesn’t. There’s a balance point, where some aspect of what you enjoy matches up

How to Manifest Wealth

The vast majority of our group have indicated they would like to manifest more wealth. So let’s talk about this specifically. Obviously, the first step is to use the manifestation process I’ve been sharing with you to direct Divine Power to bring wealth in whatever amounts you feel is appropriate. Relax as deeply as you can to make a strong connection with the Divine. Imagine how your life would be with your desired level of

New E-Course – 30 Days to Divine Power

On January 10th, I celebrated 15 years of having an online business.  I also announced to my mailing list that I was creating a new email series designed to help folks access the Divine Power that lies within all of us and use it to manifest whatever you may want in life. This e-course is being offered as a “pay what you feel it’s worth” product, with payment made AFTER you go through the e-course

A Mountain of Material

Over the years, I’ve written a mountain of material, between blog posts, emails, books, and courses.  And then there are the scripts I used to create my audio programs. This past month, as I’ve been preparing to update this website, I’ve thought a lot about how much of that earlier material to include, and how much to leave in the past.  I’ve also considered how I want to build this website, and whether to use - Exploring the Magic of Life

Welcome to the Brand NEW Website

After having worked on a friend’s WordPress site for a few months, I’m finally comfortable using it for one of my own websites.  With the proper security and cache plugins, WordPress can be just as fast and secure as a static HTML website. Lots of content to post, and a variety of customizations to make. Are you as excited as I am about the prospects this holds for all of us?

Secrets of the Ultra-Successful

One of the secrets of the ultra-successful is that they see themselves on an epic quest to overcome adversity and win against all odds. When they run into an obstacle, they know that if they give up, their story ends right there. But if they take a firm stand, and resolve to do whatever it takes to overcome the challenge, not only will they eventually win, but they become stronger in the process. No one

When is “Good Enough” Actually Good Enough?

When do you call a project done? When is “good enough” actually good enough? Some of the online marketing experts I’ve studied have suggested that the presentation of an information product isn’t nearly as important as the content. They say that no one will return the product because it has too many spelling or grammar mistakes, and you shouldn’t put too much time into polishing the presentation. I know I’ve certainly put out my share

How to Price Your Work

When you’re in business for yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to price your work. There’s an old joke that makes this easy for me. A man with a toothache goes to a dentist.  The dentist looks at the tooth and says that it needs to come out, and he can pull it in just 5 minutes. The man asks how much it will cost, and the dentist replies that the price is just $100.

The Quickest Way to Manifest More Money

I have something new for you today. For the last couple of months, I’ve been referring to Terry Dean’s Internet Lifestyle System as the best way to learn how to make money online. Obviously, it’s not the only way. While Terry focuses on creating your own products to sell, it’s a lot easier to promote products already created by other people. You still have to pick a niche in which to work, and you still

The #1 Rule in Life and Business

Do you know what the #1 rule is for both life and business? It’s not always an easy rule to live by, but when you do it well, everything goes your way. It’s easy to remember what this rule is when you know that everyone’s favorite radio station is: WII FM What’s In It For Me. Human nature is such that most of us are more concerned with ourselves than we are with others. In