A Mountain of Material

Over the years, I’ve written a mountain of material, between blog posts, emails, books, and courses.  And then there are the scripts I used to create my audio programs.

This past month, as I’ve been preparing to update this website, I’ve thought a lot about how much of that earlier material to include, and how much to leave in the past.  I’ve also considered how I want to build this website, and whether to use static HTML pages, Drupal, or WordPress.

WordPress wins, and I may talk about the reasons why in another post.  The short answer is because it’s grown up a lot over the years and is now a great publishing platform to use.

In this post, I just want to mention that I’ve finally decided to include as much of the earlier material as I can.  Partly to serve as a historical record of my progress, and partly to serve my audience at the highest level I can.

I do plan to filter out the “not so good” material and keep only the better pieces.  And I also plan to keep the books, courses, and audio programs separate.  So what gets brought in will be most of the old blog posts and emails.  At least the ones I still have access to.  I didn’t keep a copy of all the emails / articles I wrote and sent out.

At the moment, I’m busy writing a 30-day email course, so it may take a little while to collect everything and find a good way to organize it for easy discovery and browsing.

If you’re interested in getting the new 30-day email course, called “30 Days to Divine Power“, visit http://PowerKeysPub.com/30DaystoDivinePower/.