Month: February 2016

The Key to Unlimited Abundance and Freedom

The biggest block that most people have against unlimited abundance and freedom is one that says, “It won’t work for me.” In other words, they believe that while an idea may work for someone else, there is something intrinsically wrong with them, and the same idea will fail if they try to use it. Take, for instance, the recent posts I’ve made about fun being the core foundation for financial prosperity.  Does this idea resonate

A New View on Money

The day after I did the Symbolic Solutions workshop last month, I used the core process to help myself reach higher levels of financial abundance. In this variation of the process, I relaxed into a light alpha level, and asked my subconscious mind to show me a memory which was preventing me from attracting greater financial abundance. To my surprise, I saw a picture of the house I grew up in.  Now, I knew that

Learning from Apple’s Failures

What’s more important?  Taking your time to create the best products you can, or getting a bunch of things done so you can test them in the marketplace? This question came up for me today when I received an email talking about finishing a bunch of projects quickly.  It’s a common theme among the “gurus” of Internet Marketing. “Get it done, and get it out there.” “Fail forward fast” On one level, it makes sense. 

Whatever You Do, DON’T DO THIS!

Yesterday, we discussed how well Disney has succeeded following basic relationship principles.  To recap, the key idea is that the more fun you are to be around, the more people will choose to spend time with you, as a friend or a customer. Dan Kennedy uses Disney as an example a lot.  I’ve bought 10 of his books, subscribed to his $47/month newsletter for years, and I think I can summarize his core message in

How to Draw More People to You (Friends, Customers, etc.)

My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida this month to visit her cousin, and we’re sure to spend a day at one of the Disney theme parks. Linda’s cousin, Nancy, LOVES Disney.  In fact, you could say she’s HOOKED!  Of course, she isn’t the only one.  Every year, more than 130 MILLION people visit DisneyWorld. So, what brings so many people to a Disney theme park?  Especially since their ticket prices are

Success through Osmosis

One of the reasons I’m so excited about going to Egypt this year is because of the incredible symbolism of being inside the Great Pyramid.  And the fact that we’ll be there on 11/11 just makes it that much more meaningful. In my book, Choose To Believe, I devoted a full page to the power of an immersion experience and how it can be used to make radical shifts in your belief system. The aspect

Would You Like to Join Me in Egypt This November?

There’s a group of us going to Egypt in November, and I was wondering if you’d like to go with us The trip starts in New York on the 9th, and goes until the 20th. We’re planning to be INSIDE the Great Pyramid on 11/11, and we’ll also be taking a cruise down the Nile river, stopping at several of the major spiritual centers along the way. It’s going to be SOOOO fun! John Davis,