Would You Like to Join Me in Egypt This November?

There’s a group of us going to Egypt in November, and I was wondering if you’d like to go with us

The trip starts in New York on the 9th, and goes until the 20th.

We’re planning to be INSIDE the Great Pyramid on 11/11, and we’ll also be taking a cruise down the Nile river, stopping at several of the major spiritual centers along the way.

It’s going to be SOOOO fun!

John Davis, the director of the Coptic Center here in Grand Rapids, has gone on 30 such trips, and is handling all the details for us.

Now, I know this may not be something you can make a decision on right now, and you may need to think about it a bit.  You may also need to budget for it, as the price for this all-inclusive package is $4600/person.

When Linda & I first learned about this opportunity a couple of months ago, we set an intention to go, and have already been blessed with the funds.

Which brings me to the tip portion of this email.

You see, I’d really like to have a bunch of folks come along with us, and I’m going to do what I can to help you make the money to do it.

I started last month by recommending Terry Dean’s new Internet Lifestyle System, which I’m finding to be a great resource for those wanting to start an online business.

Believe it or not, even after running an online business for 13 years and studying many of the top online marketers, I picked up some highly valuable tips from Terry’s course which have improve the profitability of my business.

One such tip for creating an abundance of valuable content is the following.

  1. Compile a list of 10 main topics.
  2. For each topic, list 10 subtopics to talk about.
  3. For each content piece you want to create, you can choose from 10 templates, or “presentation styles” to talk about one of the subtopics above.
  4. With the above 3 points, you can now create up to 1000 completely different content pieces.

This one tip alone is helping me come up with ideas for interesting and helpful blog posts.  Even if I made 5 posts per week, it would take 4 years before I exhaust the possibilities.  By that point, you could start over and go another 4 years.

You could also use this same idea in any area where you need to come up with creative ideas.

Another tip.

When you’re focused on serving the types of clients and customers who are ready, don’t worry about those who unsubscribe from your mailing list.  Odds are, they wouldn’t benefit from your help anyways.

This is true in any relationship.  If you’re focused on having a good time, anyone who doesn’t want to stick around isn’t right for you.

I wholeheartedly recommend Terry’s Internet Lifestyle System to anyone who wants (or needs) to improve their financial prosperity.  And yes, this is an affiliate link, and I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase it.

But here’s the thing.  Over the last 2 months, I’ve bought 2 courses from Terry, and my investment has already paid for itself.  And I’ve been in this business for 13 years.  Imagine how much more it will help you.

Don’t waste time with the “trial and error” method.  Get Terry’s new course and get your online business on the fast track to success.

And then join me in Egypt this November.