Success through Osmosis

One of the reasons I’m so excited about going to Egypt this year is because of the incredible symbolism of being inside the Great Pyramid.  And the fact that we’ll be there on 11/11 just makes it that much more meaningful.

In my book, Choose To Believe, I devoted a full page to the power of an immersion experience and how it can be used to make radical shifts in your belief system.

The aspect I’m referring to now is what happens when your mind starts to associate the things you want to manifest with things that represent power.

Setting an intention while in a power spot carries more meaning to your subconscious mind than setting the same intention in your bedroom.

This is why many folks experience spontaneous healing when visiting renowned spiritual centers around the world.  It’s not so much the actual place itself, but the associations our minds have to that place.  The placebo effect.  A very real healing power that medical science has yet to master.

Now, much of this can be replicated in your imagination as long as you relax deeply enough and bring enough details into your imagination so the experience seems as real as possible.  An imaginary experience is certainly a lot quicker to produce, and cheaper than a real one, so if you can get 80% of the results, why not?

There is one aspect of a real experience that cannot be replicated in your imagination.

And that’s the influence of other people.

Spending a few days with people who have an abundance of positive beliefs makes a HUGE impact on how you see the world, which in turn, changes how you approach things and the results you get.

Most of us are where we are because of the people we’ve spent time with up to this point.  It’s a fairly common saying that your income will be roughly equal to the average of your 5 closest friends.  If you want to be more successful, many motivational speakers recommend that you make friends with more successful people.

Success through osmosis.

The same can be said about developing the ability to manifest your desires.  If you want to get better at it, spend time with folks who regularly manifest the things they want.

If you know folks in your local area, great! Start there.  Invite someone out to lunch, and get them talking about themselves, their life, and listen to the details.  Especially the things they say as a “matter of course”.  The things they take for granted.

Don’t get obnoxious about it, but ask “why” as often as you can to uncover the hidden beliefs behind their decisions, actions, and preferences.

This is material you’ll never get from a book, audio program, or blog post.

If you don’t know anyone in your local area who regularly manifests the things they want, and you want to jump-start your own ability to do so, I invite you to join me this November in Egypt.

By the way, I’m not making any commissions on this package.  The only reason I’m promoting it is because I’d love to have some of my readers join in on the fun.

Hope to see you there!