Day: March 30, 2007

What is the most important skill you need?

Do you know what the most important skill anyone needs to have in order to be a fully functioning human being? It’s not the old “reading, riting, and ‘rithmetic” most of us were taught in school. It’s not even how to operate a computer, or any of the thousands of other skills that schools teach. The most important skill that anyone needs is something that is usually kept hidden, locked away by those who have

The Magic Mirror of Abundance

Have you ever heard the saying “Life is a mirror”?  It’s a saying that I often repeat in conversations when someone is wondering why things happened as they did. “It seems that everyone I meet is trying to take something from me, like they don’t care about anyone but themselves.” one may say after meeting with a prospective client. “I just love how everywhere I go, people just seem to go out of their way

Setting Power Goals

Every so often, every successful person sits down to evaluate the direction his/her life is taking and decide where they want their life to go next. We all know how important it is to have goals.  We hear from every expert on self-improvement and success that those with clearly defined goals achieve at least 7 times more than those without goals. If you’re like me, you’ve followed along with one of these success speakers to

Power Affirmations

One of the easiest ways to get what you want from life is to use affirmations.  They’re quick, they’re easy to remember, and when you use them correctly, they can radically transform every aspect of your life. Before we get into how to use affirmations, let’s make sure that everyone understands exactly what we’re talking about.  In other words, what exactly ARE affirmations? Affirmations are simple statements that describe the substance of what we would

Finding Happiness

Happiness is a choice. This may come as a bold statement for many, yet it is the absolute truth.  In almost any situation we find ourselves, we can choose to be happy if we want to.  Obviously, this is more difficult to do in some situations than in others.  For example, if we are in physical pain, it’s very difficult to focus our minds on happiness.  And when we are experiencing something pleasurable, happiness almost

A Never-Fail Business Opportunity

Everywhere you look online, someone is touting a new, fully tested, impossible-to-fail method of making more money than you’ve ever dreamed possible. And if you’re the type to fall for the flash and sizzle of the marketing claims, you’ve tried enough of them to know that it ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Actually, I get a chuckle out of many of the get-rich-quick schemes that flood my email inbox on a daily

Affirmative Prayer – One Key To Power

There are many keys to Power.  One key which provides many people with solid, reliable results is affirmative prayer.  In this article, I will explain what affirmative prayer is, why it works, and how to use it. While there are many types of prayer, affirmative prayer is the most scientific, and the most reliable.  But what is affirmative prayer? Affirmative prayer is a prayer where you don’t ask for anything, rather you make a statement

Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Many times, a problem is an indication that there is something we must learn.  Other times, a problem is simply an outworking of a previous use of Power that was directed through a negative channel.  In the Keys To Power, there are a couple of things we can do depending on which situation we are faced with. Most of us are content to keep things the way they are until there is a problem.  This

Power Prayers

Here are several Power Prayers that can be used as is, or modified to suit your purposes. I release all tension in my mind and body and open myself to the influx of Spirit.  The Spirit fills me with Power, Wisdom, Love, Peace, and Happiness.  I drink in the glory of the Spirit and my mind rises to more powerful levels.  I am now in tune with the Forces of Creation.  I now control whatever

Living With Power

I have had some of my students ask me, “What is life like when you achieve mastery with Power?”, and I must answer that Life Is Wonderful!!  Knowing that anything that I want out of Life is a possibility, that all I have to do is tap into the source of Power and direct it to create the situations I want, and then let it go to do it’s work, is an awesome feeling. If