What is the most important skill you need?

Do you know what the most important skill anyone needs to have in order to be a fully functioning human being?

It’s not the old “reading, riting, and ‘rithmetic” most of us were taught in school. It’s not even how to operate a computer, or any of the thousands of other skills that schools teach.

The most important skill that anyone needs is something that is usually kept hidden, locked away by those who have mastered the skill and want to keep you from knowing it.

Although, if you can find them, there are some courses that do teach the insider secrets, but they usually charge $100’s and even $1000’s for the privilege.

Here’s a hint on what I’m talking about. No matter what you want in life, where do you need to get it?

* – If you want money, you have to get it from someone else.
* – If you want love, you have to get it from someone else.
* – To purchase anything, you have to get it from someone else.

In short, anything you want has to be acquired from someone else.

So the most important skills you need to be a fully function human being is the ability to get what you want from other people. Persuasion.

This isn’t manipulation. I hate manipulation as much as anyone. It’s knowing how to communicate in a way so others understand the benefits of giving you what you want.

People who are poor persuaders usually go without. Without success. Without money. Without love. They survive on the scraps left behind.

People who are great persuaders get everything they want, because they know how to communicate in a way that others respond to.

Here’s a quick example that shows how important this is for anyone.

Suppose that you have a friend who is facing a challenging situation and really need to take action quickly, but they are sitting back and not realizing the consequences that will result. You’ve seen others in the same situation and not take action, and what happened to them wasn’t pretty. In fact, they lost everything because they didn’t take action. You also know others who have taken action in similar situations and not only came out okay, but grew into much more powerful individuals as a result.

Now, how will you help your friend escape the consequences of not taking action? How will you persuade them that you know what the dangers are of not doing as you suggest? How will you persuade them to take their situation seriously?

Obviously, you’re not trying to ‘manipulate’ your friend, but are interested in helping them. Yet, if you are not an effective enough persuader, they will continue to sit back and do nothing, and suffer because of it.

Let’s say that your friend is facing foreclosure on their home. Not taking proper action will cost them all of the equity in that home, which could be many $1000’s. Having good persuasion skills would be worth quite a bit in that situation, wouldn’t it?

Consider the next time you go to the car dealership to purchase a vehicle. You know that the price you pay is dependent on how well you can negotiate with the salesman. Negotiation is simply another form of persuasion. Having good persuasion skills could easily save you $100’s here.

Of course, if you have a business or are in sales or marketing at any level, having good persuasion skills means greater earning ability, and many people have doubled and tripled their income after learning the inner secrets of persuasion.