Affirmative Prayer – One Key To Power

There are many keys to Power.  One key which provides many people with solid, reliable results is affirmative prayer.  In this article, I will explain what affirmative prayer is, why it works, and how to use it.

While there are many types of prayer, affirmative prayer is the most scientific, and the most reliable.  But what is affirmative prayer?

Affirmative prayer is a prayer where you don’t ask for anything, rather you make a statement as though what you want already exists.  For instance, instead of asking for a large financial income, your affirmation would be something like “I am now making $100,000 per year, doing what I enjoy doing.  I am happy in the job I have, and I work with wonderful people.”

But why would we want to pray this way?  Because it works!  Is there any other reason?  Yes, because the process is more enjoyable.  How enjoyable is going to your boss at work and asking for something, like a raise?  Most people would rather avoid it.  The same feeling usually comes up when trying to ask for something in prayer.  You usually feel as if you have to prove yourself, or give something in exchange for what you are asking.

But there is no need to give up anything in exchange for what you want.  Most religions have taught us that God is just like a person, and has many of the same caprices, temperaments, and moods that any human has.  This is just not so.  God is so far beyond our petty emotional fickleness that you could almost see God as being another natural law in the Universe.  The Christian Bible even quotes God as saying “I am the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” or something to that effect.

Do you really care what the bacteria in your stomach want?  Do you care what the worms in your back yard are doing?  NO!  You will continue to do whatever it is you normally do and let them do their thing.  You will eat the same foods, giving the bacteria the nutrition they need, and you will cut the grass from time to time giving the worms what they need to survive.  Your actions do not change based on what these lower level life forms do.

God is the same way.  God (neither He nor She) has set up the Universe so that each individual can get whatever they want if they will but use the resources available.  One of these resources is the supply of Universal Power that supports and sustains the Universe and all Life.

If you are alive, then you have access to this Power.  In the Christian Bible, there are many references to the availability of this Power.  Christ Himself taught that as long as you believe that you will receive what you ask for in prayer, that you will indeed receive it!  His great example of prayer (The Lord’s Prayer) does not ask for anything.  It commands!  “Give us this day…”, not “Could I please have….”.  The example is missed by most, who continue to ask, beg, and go without.

God has created you in such a way that you can supply your own needs!  All you have to do is tap into the Universal Power and command what you want to come into being!

Of course, this theory is all well and good, but the real question is exactly how do you go about doing this?  It’s simple really, although not necessarily easy.  The first step is to make contact with this great supply of Power.

This first step is the one that most people will have the hardest time with.  In the Keys To Power – Step by Step course, we spend several lessons working on various aspects of this, to insure that you can reliably make this contact any time you want.  Here, I can only cover the basics.

At it’s simplest level, making contact with the spiritual source of Power is about having the intention to do so.  Your inner mind handles the intricate details of managing your connection to the spiritual realities.  You have to communicate to your inner mind that you want to open the gates to spiritual Power and you want access to that Power now.

You can communicate this intention in several ways.  You can affirm “I am opening up my connection to spiritual Power, and this Power fills my being with great intensity!”  This is a time-honored method which has been used very effectively.  Another approach is to imagine going into the deepest recesses of your being and opening the gateway and releasing Power for your use.  A third option is to imagine yourself going into an imaginary workroom/temple/holy place, and using imaginary tools to make contact with this Power.  If you use this third option, you have to believe that what you are imagining will be echoed in reality.  Faith is the foundation of all spiritual activities, including making contact with Spirit itself.

You will know when you make contact with spiritual Power.  Different people sense the presence of Power in different ways.  Most will feel heat, or pressure, or will perceive a greater luminance.  Some will feel a sense of cold, or a light airiness around them.

When you make contact, then you are ready for the second step, which is to affirm what you are asking for as though it were already true.  You will usually want to create your affirmative prayer before you start, however.  We mentioned one example at the beginning of this article, dealing with money.  Another example, to create an ideal relationship, could be:  “I am in love with a wonderful partner, who loves me dearly.  We spend many happy hours together sharing interests, hobbies, and just enjoying each other’s company.  This is an ideal relationship, I am completely happy with my partner, and my partner is completely happy with me.  Neither of us wants to change the other.”

Whatever you want out of life, you can have.  Do whatever you can on the physical level to bring it about, and add the assistance of the spiritual level with affirmative prayers.  God Bless You.