Power Prayers

Here are several Power Prayers that can be used as is, or modified to suit your purposes.

I release all tension in my mind and body and open myself to the influx of Spirit.  The Spirit fills me with Power, Wisdom, Love, Peace, and Happiness.  I drink in the glory of the Spirit and my mind rises to more powerful levels.  I am now in tune with the Forces of Creation.  I now control whatever I wish.

My life is magical.  Every day is filled with pleasure and happiness.  There is so much to make me happy.  I am loved by so many.  They will do anything for me and often surprise me with kindness and love.  Money comes to me easily.  I am rich in so many ways.  I enjoy the people around me, and the life that is mine now.  Life is wonderful!

God takes care of me, giving me all the things I need for my comfort and happiness.  Money fills my bank account, letting me buy everything I want to buy.  I am rich, and used to getting everything I want.  God supports me well, and I am spoiled by the luxury.  Money is plentiful, and flows through my life in gushing streams.

God gives me a loving partner who helps me in my life’s work and makes my way very pleasant indeed.  She is everything I want in a mate.  She is honest, beautiful, smart, a lively conversationalist, enjoys sex in the same way I do, and follows the same spiritual path I follow.  More than anything, she gets her happiness in pleasing me, as I get my happiness in pleasing her.  This loving partner is God’s way of showing His love for me.

The Infinite me and the personal me are joined, I am One.  The Infinite me and the personal me are joined, I am One.  The Infinite me has infinite Power and Wisdom, sharing each with the personal me.  As this Power and Wisdom flows through me, my psychic abilities are awakened, and I know exactly how to use them.  I am able to know more about the people and events I turn my attention towards.  I am always protected from all kinds of danger.  I am able to control myself and my environment.  Each time I become aware of the Infinite me, the personal me receives more Power and Wisdom, recharging my abilities and awakening even more.  I am One.

The Infinite me and the personal me are joined, I am One.  The Infinite me and the personal me are joined, I am One.  I have infinite Power and infinite Wisdom.  I now direct this Power and Wisdom towards establishing the truth of abundance in my financial life.  I shall be considered to be a multi-millionaire by those in my environment.  Abundance is the truth of my life and I now work to strip all illusions of lack or limitations from my view, leaving the pure truth of a joyful life.  There are no more illusions of lies or false ideas in my life.  Only the ultimate truth of abundance is visible to me.  I love everything I see.

I know that Infinite Spirit creates my future experiences from my thoughts and feelings.  I now choose to think and feel in accordance to those things that I wish to experience in my life.  I now focus my mind on those things that will make me happy, and greater happiness will fill my life.  I focus my mind on those things that will give me pleasure, and more pleasurable experiences will be mine.  I relax in the knowledge that Infinite Spirit will take my thoughts and feelings and use them to create my future.

I now choose to ignore the things that may be present in my life now that I wish to remove from my life.  By ignoring those things I do not wish to experience, I will not recreate them in future experiences.  I will deal with whatever I must, but I now choose to see it as a test or an exercise rather than an occurrence of something not wanted.  I will not react to anything with fear, anger, nor disappointment, as those reactions would only serve to recreate similar situation in my future.  In this way, I will eliminate all unpleasantness from my life.

In fact, I decide right now to ask Infinite Spirit to clear out all previous uses of Power that would cause me any unhappiness.  There is no need for me to experience those things, as I now understand the truth of how the world works.  Whatever I focus upon, I will experience.  I may have made mistakes in the past by focusing on things that I did not like, but I know better now.  My mistakes are now being cancelled out, and I will not need to experience them.

Infinite Spirit is now directing Infinite Power towards creating for me a wonderful future, filled with many happy experiences.  I will enjoy everything that is now coming my way.  I am very grateful for the great amount of good that is filling my life now and always.  Thank You Infinite Spirit.