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Power Tip: People Tend to Respond to Joy with Joy

People tend to respond to joy with joy, to kindness with kindness, and to respect with respect. One of the easiest ways to make friends is to be friendly. By the same token, one of the easiest ways to gain respect is to be respectful. Sometimes we run into people who seem to have this backwards. They are like the old farmer waiting for a crop of corn before planting the seeds, or someone waiting

Power Tip: If You Had Lived Their Life, You Would Probably Do The Same

If you had lived their life, you would probably do the same. Whenever someone does something that completely baffles you, remember that they are most likely responding to an old memory, or group of memories, that are very different from the ones you have. Timid people LEARNED to be timid. Bold risk takers LEARNED to be bold. Responsible people LEARNED the value of being responsible. And airheads never learned to be anything else. One of

Power Tip: People Do Things for Their Own Reasons

People do things for their own reasons. One of the most effective ways to approach the task of persuading another person is to realize that they simply do not care a bit about what YOU want. They only care about what THEY want. If you want someone to do something, then you must show them how doing it will give them more of what they want. And if you don’t know what they want, take

How to Truly Make a Difference With Your Holiday Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is once again upon us. Everywhere you look you see ads offering special deals and urging you to “Buy Now and Save!” And while it’s a great thing to show others how much they mean to you with a gift of some kind, how do you know when you’re buying the RIGHT gift. There are several reasons for wanting to buy gifts. For some folks, the reason is selfish, and the

Secrets of Happy, Healthy Relationships

For many people, the whole reason for reaching for unlimited success is to attract and maintain high-quality relationships. As you might expect, the secret to successful relationships starts with the foundations we’ve been discussing these last few weeks. A strong sense of self-esteem is essential. So is having lots of self-confidence. And when you’re motivated and productive, you can easily set aside the time required to build and maintain happy, healthy relationships. So in this

How I Attracted the Love of my Life

Money isn’t everything. Although it feels good to earn our way through life and experience the pleasures of riches, the pleasures of being with someone special are also valuable. In fact, I dare say that’s the reason most of us want money and the things it can buy — so we can better enjoy being with those we love and care about. Here’s where the power of belief may be best demonstrated. If you believe

Help With Harsh Relationships

I recently received an email from an Effortless Power subscriber, who asked me for some advice on relationships.  I share this with you in case it may be of some benefit to your life. Hello my friend, I think I understand your situation.  I’ve gone through several harsh relationships in my life, and sometimes even the one I’m in now seems harsh on occassion, although I understand the harshness comes from myself and not necessarily

Overcoming Difficult People

Everywhere I turn lately, I find information to help deal with difficult people.  My biggest reaction to all of it is this, why just deal with them when you can completely overcome them?  Why just learn to tolerate being around those you can’t stand, when you have the option to either change them or get them out of your life completely! Let me describe a situation that kind of sparked this whole thing.  My girlfriend

Ideal Relationships Gained With The Keys To Power

Are you happy in your relationships?  Does the partner that you have now fulfill all your desires?  Are there things about your partner that you would like to change?  For most people, there are at least a half-dozen things they would like to change about the partner that they are in a relationship with.  Many others are living without a relationship and would like to create one.  If you fall into either of these categories,