How I Attracted the Love of my Life

Money isn’t everything. Although it feels good to earn our way through life and experience the pleasures of riches, the pleasures of being with someone special are also valuable.

In fact, I dare say that’s the reason most of us want money and the things it can buy — so we can better enjoy being with those we love and care about.

Here’s where the power of belief may be best demonstrated.

If you believe the only way to attract someone special is to earn lots of money, you’ll focus on doing exactly that. Whereas if you believe you can hook up with someone special whether you have money or not, your actions will be completely different.

You see what I mean?

Our beliefs determine so much of our lives, and most of us completely miss it.

Our beliefs determine our decisions, which determine our actions, which determine our results. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the effect beliefs have on the physical world directly, as in “luck”.

As they say, nothing happens until someone takes action. Of course, it doesn’t have to be MUCH action. Just enough.

For many years of my life, I believed that I was so unique that there would only be a handful of women in the entire world with whom I would be truly happy.

I didn’t believe I would “just run into someone”. And as a consequence, I subconsciously sabotaged any chance of success I might have had with the women around me.

One day, I finally realized what I was doing to myself, and decided to take action. I decided to change what I believed, and to imagine that there were 1000s of perfectly compatible women right in my own city.

I started to imagine that everywhere I went, I could run into someone who would make a wonderful wife. I started to expect (believe) that this would happen “at any time”.

So when I felt a nudge within myself to go check out a new church, I paid attention and took action. I decided to go with my intuition and let it lead me to the fulfillment of my desires.

To make a long story short, I met Linda there just a few weeks later, and INSTANTLY knew she was “the one”. We’re now married and living happily ever after now almost 12 years later.

What I really want you to notice is that I lived alone for many, many years, and when I decided to change what I believed, my life changed quickly and dramatically. All I had to do was to follow my intuition and take action when I felt the nudge to do so.