Day: August 15, 2019

Promo Video for Coptics

I recently created a promo video for a local organization with which I am involved to help promote one of the courses they offer. The final video was pulled from three different recording sessions.  Two sessions were set up specifically for this video, while the ending segment came from a live event I recorded.  I was given free reign to edit the video as I saw fit, so editing time was relatively minimal.  About 4

Learning to Trust

Have you had a chance to watch that video I mentioned in my previous post? If not, here’s the link again: This is a 40-minute video where I talk about the core principles and process of manifesting. (BTW – We’re still getting to the new stuff. Just have to make sure everyone understands the basics first.) That video talks about the 3 F’s (Faith, focus, and feeling) as well as the core process. Relax,