Month: March 2016

A Surprising Benefit

Did you know that the relationships we have with others will be no better than the relationship we have with ourselves? It’s true. One of the reasons I always had short-term relationships until I met Linda was because, on some level, I didn’t feel worthy of love. And one of the main reasons THIS relationship has lasted so long (18 years and counting) is because I took time to work on my self-esteem first. Some

Better Relationships, Guaranteed

There’s been a new trend with email marketers where they periodically send out emails using a cute “From:” name. For instance, this weekend, I got an email from the Easter Bunny, and almost marked it as spam, but noticed that it came from someone I subscribed to his list. Lily Jensen does this type of thing frequently, and I’m very close to unsubscribing because it’s more work to filter out spam than it should be.

How Visualization Produces Tangible Results

A subscriber recently asked how can visualization possibly produce a tangible result. I had exactly the same question when I first started trying to manifest things into my life. The first thing I need to say is that the exact mechanics are still unknown, but we have a few theories which MIGHT represent the truth. Is this a problem? Well, do you know EXACTLY how your computer translates the keys you press on the keyboard

Yes You Can, and Here’s Why

Have you read any of Dr. Robert Anthony’s material? I’m reading through his book, “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence“, and I have to say, it’s incredible how much we agree on things. One phrase that really stand out is this one: “The average person never comes near reaching his unlimited potential because he is living under the false assumption that he already knows the truth.” I’ve been making this same point ever since

The Quickest Way to Manifest More Money

I have something new for you today. For the last couple of months, I’ve been referring to Terry Dean’s Internet Lifestyle System as the best way to learn how to make money online. Obviously, it’s not the only way. While Terry focuses on creating your own products to sell, it’s a lot easier to promote products already created by other people. You still have to pick a niche in which to work, and you still

Have You Fallen into the “Self Improvement Trap”?

One of my subscribers who contacted me recently was a victim of this common situation. It starts out innocently enough. You realize that if you make a few changes to the way you do things, you’ll get better results in your relationships, your job, and your life. So you buy a self-help book, or attend a workshop. You try to implement what you learn, but it doesn’t work. A lot of folks, at this point,

The #1 Rule in Life and Business

Do you know what the #1 rule is for both life and business? It’s not always an easy rule to live by, but when you do it well, everything goes your way. It’s easy to remember what this rule is when you know that everyone’s favorite radio station is: WII FM What’s In It For Me. Human nature is such that most of us are more concerned with ourselves than we are with others. In

Clear “Step by Step” Guidance

This past Friday, I sent out an email asking how I may be of assistance to my subscribers. You probably got one of those emails, didn’t you? It’s okay if you didn’t respond. On the other hand, if you have a problem that’s been bugging you, why not give me the opportunity to see what I can do to help? I’ve been having a great time responding to the folks who wrote in. What’s interesting

The Quickest Way to Release Stress and Anxiety

Anyone who wants or needs to release stress or anxiety, or just wants to learn to relax more will find that hypnotic processes can be the quickest and most long-lasting solutions available. Most hypnotists tend to use a handful of simple induction methods, with progressive muscle relaxation and basic countdowns being the more popular ones. The Silva Method (a hugely popular course) focuses on using a basic countdown. Other common methods include shock and confusion