Clear “Step by Step” Guidance

This past Friday, I sent out an email asking how I may be of assistance to my subscribers.

You probably got one of those emails, didn’t you?

It’s okay if you didn’t respond.

On the other hand, if you have a problem that’s been bugging you, why not give me the opportunity to see what I can do to help?

I’ve been having a great time responding to the folks who wrote in.

What’s interesting to me is that there are far more people who are interested in starting an online business than I expected.

Most of these folks are asking for clear, step-by-step guidance on starting a profitable business.

Some of them have purchased multiple courses and other products, and have been overwhelmed with too much information and not enough “step by step”.

One of the reasons I’ve been promoting Terry Dean’s new Internet Lifestyle System is because of the great step by step guidance he provides in that course.

He shows how to research a market to determine if it will be profitable before you do anything else.

He also shows you how to come up with great ideas for products you can create, how to find the specific wording you’ll want to use to describe your products to potential customers, and how to write persuasive sales copy.

Terry also shows you (through video) how to set up a sales system in a couple of different shopping cart systems, including split testing and Google Analytics to track results.

Now, I’ll admit that there are a few gaps in Terry’s course, but at just $179, it’s the absolute best value for anyone starting out.

One of the gaps is that Terry doesn’t show you “step by step” how to create a product once you’ve determined what you want to create.

But there are quite a few places online where you can find this information for free.

Whether you decide to write a book, record an audio program, or create video products, there are plenty of free guides on how to do it.

And if you decide to create a software product, there are websites where you can hire a programmer to do it for you.

When all is said and done, you’ll make your money from SELLING a product, not from creating it.

He also doesn’t show you how to install WordPress, OptimizePress, Wishlist Member, or any other software onto your website.

But here again, there’s plenty of easily found information online for each of these, and you can hire someone from or to do it for you at a very low price.

One thing Terry does show you is how easy it is to get webpages created for you at $5 to $25 each.

He also shows you how to create professional pages yourself with templates in OptimizePress, an add-on module for WordPress.

In short, Terry’s Internet Lifestyle System is one of the most complete, yet easiest step by step programs currently available for starting a profitable business online.

And it’s less than $200, which is dirt-cheap in this field.