What You Can Expect From Manifesting

What’s REALLY Possible?

That’s a question that often comes up whenever we talk about manifesting things into reality.

Some folks want to know if it’s reasonable to expect a pile of cash to suddenly materialize out of nowhere onto their kitchen table, or if they have to actually work for it.

Here’s my take on the matter.

I’ve seen some amazing things, and I fully believe that it’s POSSIBLE to materialize objects out of thin air.

Sathya Sai Baba did it for decades, was investigated by scientists, and while some SUSPECT trickery was involved, it was never PROVEN to be the case.

And yes, I’ve seen the YouTube videos (frame by frame) and they prove nothing.

I haven’t yet developed my skills to the point of being able to do it myself, but I believe that it’s possible.

So, yes, if you sit in meditation for years and years and years, you MIGHT be able to manifest a pile of cash without having to do any physical work….

… but it’s going to be a LOT easier if you get up off the couch and get to work.

So (the next question that comes up), what’s the point of doing any mental work (prayer, law of attraction, etc.) to manifest the things you want?

Because it DOES make the work you do so much more effective.

Look at it this way.

When you’re starting something new, there are a lot of things you don’t really know about.

For instance, when starting a business, how do you advertise what you do?  What is your core message?  What benefits do people really care about?

When you do the inner work to manifest a successful business, the answers to these questions become clear to you, and you don’t waste any time trying things that won’t work.  You go directly to the right answer at the start.

Some folks struggle for YEARS trying to figure out how to make a business work.  Or how to make relationships work. Or ….. or ….. or …..

When you use a proven process to manifest your goals, you don’t struggle.  It comes easy for you.

On the outside, it appears you’re still doing the same work everyone else does, with one key difference.

  • It appears that luck is on your side.
  • The Force is with you.
  • You have a guardian angel.

So in the end, even with good manifestation techniques, you still have to do SOME work to achieve abundance, but not nearly as much work as you would otherwise.

In my mind, it’s all about getting maximum results with minimum effort.

And that’s what I’ll help you with as we move forward.

If you stick with me, I’ll share a variety of tips for both the inner work and outer work that will help you reach your goals with a minimum of effort.

I’ll share manifestation techniques to align with wealth and abundance, harmonious relationships, and vibrant health.

I’ll also share practical things you can do on the physical level to bring those goals into reality quickly.