Day: November 11, 2009

Why Today is Especially Powerful

I read an article recently that reminded me of something, and you may find this fascinating. As someone who was good at math and science, I always liked numbers. For a time, I studied numerology, which is based on the assumption that each number has an ‘energy’ that influences whatever it is associated with. Although I don’t have any hard data supporting this idea, I have found that when we BELIEVE in the power of

Another Million Dollar Formula

Sometimes it seems there’s just too much to do, and all you want is to push a button and have everything you ever wanted fall into your lap. Of course, we ‘know’ it just isn’t practical, is it? One of the core principles behind my Choose To Believe material, as well as any good system for using what is sometimes known as the Law of Attraction (aka – the Power of Prayer), is that our