Why Today is Especially Powerful

I read an article recently that reminded me of something, and you may find this fascinating.

As someone who was good at math and science, I always liked numbers. For a time, I studied numerology, which is based on the assumption that each number has an ‘energy’ that influences whatever it is associated with.

Although I don’t have any hard data supporting this idea, I have found that when we BELIEVE in the power of numbers, our belief seems to give numbers their ‘power’.

To find out what number is associated with something, you start by converting the ‘something’ into numbers. For names and other written material, each letter is associated with a number as in:


For dates, you just use the numerical representation.

Then, you just add up all the numbers involved, and if the total is greater than 9, you break the number up into the individual digits and start over.

As an example, my name is Alan Tutt. The numbers associated with the letters are: 1315 2322.

Adding up the individual digits, 1315 becomes 10 and 2322 becomes 9. Since 10 is greater than 9, we add the 1 and 0 to get 1. Therefore, ‘Alan’ is equal to 1 and ‘Tutt’ is equal to 9. Adding them together creates 10, which again reduces down to 1.

Besides the single-digit numbers, there are SOME double-digit numbers that are considered “power numbers”, such as 11 and 22.

Okay, enough background.

What this article reminded me of is that this year, 2009, is an 11 year, and therefore has a special meaning according to the numbers.

11 represents growth and expansion.

It’s one reason why November 11th is usually considered a special day, because it brings in the power of 11 twice. Some people consider the time 11:11 (either am or pm) to also be a powerful time for the same reason.

Well, this year, November 11th is especially powerful because it has the power of 11 three times over, and even more if you consider the 11th hour, 11th minute, or even the 11th second.

For those of us who like to play with such ideas, we can use this especially powerful time to create dramatic and lasting changes in our lives, even more so than any other time.