How I Produced ‘Free Money’ with the Power of Belief

With so many people talking ‘recession’, I find the majority of folks need help manifesting greater financial abundance.

I hear that jobs are scarce, no-one is hiring. Investment funds have bottomed out and are still shaky. Everyone is saving their money and not buying anything except necessities. Banks don’t want to lend money. On and on and on it goes.

So where’s the problem?

The real problem comes down to belief. (Saw that one coming, didn’t you?)

First of all, the above statements may be true in a general sense, but not in an absolute sense.

For example, I still see “help wanted” ads in the paper. The idea that NO ONE is hiring is absolutely false.

I know of several people who were able to get hired in companies which had “hiring freezes”, with no intention of hiring anyone. In some cases, they effectively created a position for themselves.

Some investments are still shaky, but others are solid and growing nicely. Actually, since many banks are reluctant to loan money, they have created great investment opportunities for those people willing to work directly with businesses.

And since banks are in the business of loaning money, loans haven’t disappeared entirely. You just have to be more prepared to get them.

Finally, go into any luxury car dealership. You’ll find people buying non-necessities every day, including expensive ones.

By the way, this is a great example of one way to change your beliefs. Gather physical evidence that supports your desired belief. If you desire greater financial abundance, then find examples showing great financial abundance.

If you believe there is no hope, you won’t take action that could lead to your desired objective.

On the other hand, if you believe that financial prosperity is not only possible, but easy to obtain, you’ll find yourself making decisions and taking action you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

So how does all this relate to how I produced “free money”?

At one time in my life, I had hit bottom. Homeless. No job, no car, no place to go, no friends to help.

It was during that time when I discovered the power of belief.

I had just spend a whole night walking the streets in late Fall, early Winter. It was cold. And I was very, very tired.

I’ve always loved books, so when I came to a shopping mall, I went into the bookstore to browse and look for answers. That’s when I discovered the writings of Joseph Murphy.

As I stood there reading the words in his book, “The Miracle of Mind Dynamics”, I learned that I needed to release my conscious hold on the world around me, relax, and trust that all would be well. Rationally, it didn’t make any sense, but I wasn’t exactly rational at that moment.

The book instructed me to believe in a single power of the universe, which Dr. Murphy and most of the world call God, and that this one power would provide for all my needs. It told me to visualize what I wanted and to accept it as a current reality.

Being so weak from no sleep and no food, I didn’t have the conscious energy to debate the point, and simply accepted it as a new truth I had not known before.

Within hours, as I was walking along another sidewalk, I found $70 on the ground, right in my path. I looked around to see if there was anyone who may have dropped it and saw no one. I looked to see if there might be a store where I might find the missing person. No stores around, just houses.

So I stood there for a couple of minutes to see if anyone came out to claim the money. No one did. Eventually, I accepted this as the answer to my earlier “prayer” which was nothing more than an acceptance that my needs would be taken care of.

Later that week, after I had some sleep and a few meals, I tried to duplicate the experiment. I consciously attempted to believe I’d find more money. However, my inner dialogue got in the way, and I couldn’t fully accept that it would actually happen.

My inner beliefs told me that it was just coincidence, and that it wouldn’t happen again. My deeper beliefs were more powerful than the newly formed surface beliefs, and I didn’t find any more money that week, or the week after.

At that time, I had a lot of negative beliefs, and really didn’t know how to address the deeper ones.

It was many years later, after reading a lot of other books and doing a lot of personal experimentation, when I learned how to discover and change our deeper beliefs so they support our desired manifestations.


    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Armel-Brice.

      This particular post is a direct report of what actually happened to me, so I would say that — for the most part — it stands on it’s own.

      In later years, I did find that I had missed one point about the experience, in that at that time I was probably in an alpha state of mind, which may have made the process work much better than when I was trying to duplicate it later.

      Currently, I teach a manifestation process of “relax, imagine, and trust”.

      Trust, or belief / faith, is the primary factor, and the first 2 steps help you to get to trust easier and quicker than with practically any other process I’ve tested.

      I’m still rebuilding this website, and plan to add pages offering some free materials. For now, you can find my new materials on my other website —

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