Month: March 2020

Calling All Lightworkers!

How are you getting along with the “30 Days to Divine Power” course I gave you last week? If you missed that, you can download this course from THIS LINK. The first few lessons are incredibly easy to follow. It all starts with relaxing. Then you learn to relax and indulge in an enjoyable memory. Then you learn to elicit a powerful feeling of joy. On the surface, these may seem to be almost insignificant,

A Blessing in Times of Need

A lot of folks are taking what may be described as an extended vacation at home. It’s a great time to catch up on your rest, take some time to meditate, and connect with your inner Divine essence. It’s also a good time to practice your manifestation skills, and work past any obstacles that may have held you back in the past. To help you with this, I’m giving you a copy of my “30

New Video: Improving Your 2020 Vision

I have a couple of things for you today. First is a new video. This was a presentation I did this past Sunday, which was VERY well received by the audience. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a positive focus, this presentation will give you a few things that will help. I’d also like to mention that since the first of the year, I’ve been working on a new course. It’s called Divine Dynamics, and