Calling All Lightworkers!

How are you getting along with the “30 Days to Divine Power” course I gave you last week?

If you missed that, you can download this course from THIS LINK.

The first few lessons are incredibly easy to follow.

It all starts with relaxing.

Then you learn to relax and indulge in an enjoyable memory.

Then you learn to elicit a powerful feeling of joy.

On the surface, these may seem to be almost insignificant, yet when you understand the manifestation process, you realize that these are the foundations that make miracles possible.

The more you relax into a positive emotional state, the closer you are to the Divine, and the more you can channel Divine Power into your manifestations.

With the current events happening in our world today, this is even more important than ever.

A friend of mine on Facebook is calling for people to visualize the virus mutating into a harmless form.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen yet.

In a very real sense, we (the human race) have manifested this into our experience. We can also manifest it away.

Take some time to relax as deeply as you can, elicit a feeling of joy to connect with your inner Divinity, then imagine people everywhere happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

Not only will this help those in need, it will also create positive karma for yourself, which will come back to you as many blessings rewarding you for your efforts.

And the more of us who work together, the more people we can help.

Two people joining forces and impact the lives of only four. 200 people joining forces can impact the lives of 40,000.

If we can get 89,000 people working together, we can impact the lives of the entire planet.

The point is that no one is insignificant, and we need YOU to join us in this effort.

Of course, the more skilled you are at manifesting, the better this will work, which is one reason I’m making the “30 Days to Divine Power” course available for free.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.