Drum Washing

I attended an event last night which included a special type of drum circle / healing service called a “Drum Washing”.

Essentially, a group of us stood around a person sitting in the center of the circle and drummed, aiming the vibrations of the drum towards the person receiving the healing energies.

Here is the recording of the drumming parts, edited for continuity.



  1. Sherry Tillottson says:

    We absolutly LOVE this!! Is there any way you can transfer the “DRUM WASH HEALING” Session on a CD for us so we can listen to it without my phone battery being drained🙏On behalf of “The DollyMama”&myself we say Migwetch(Native Ottawa)=”Thank you beyond words”,for recording this for us😇She fell asleep listening to this tonight&I believe she will sleep very soundly tonight💫This is Good Medicine🌈AHO&AMEN..LOVE&LIGHT to You&Linda Always!!!💞

    1. Hi Sherry,
      Yes, transferring this to a CD shouldn’t be an issue. I just need to cut a few seconds off so it fits.
      I’ll connect with you through email to discuss how we might be able to turn this into a product for sale.

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