Year: 2017

Alan Tutt Speaking

Your Hidden Value

Did you know it’s possible that YOU are the most important person in the whole of creation? I’m serious! We never know the end result of what we do, and any little remark you make can help the listener open a door to a whole new world of possibility. I can recall quite a few times when I either heard or read a simple idea–one I was already familiar with–and yet the specific way it

Introducing Charles Burke

I’d like to take a moment and introduce a friend of mine who inspired me in several ways. His name is Charles Burke, and he is perhaps best known for his book, Inside the Minds of Winners. And yet, Charles himself is such an easy-going fellow, it’s clear he’s not the typical “success guru”. His approach is one of doing the right things in the right way to reach your goals with a minimum of

Turning Adversaries into Friends

At some point in our lives, we run into someone who seems hell-bent to do whatever they can to ruin our enjoyment of life. Most of the time, we can simply ignore them for the short time they exist in our world. But what if they are a co-worker, or someone who attends a regular event you don’t want to give up? Here’s what I try to do in these situations. The first step is

5 Minutes to Save $200

I was recently hired to record video for a local dance studio for one of their student showcases. It was a fun gig, yet also quite challenging, with lots of fast-moving action. I brought 2 cameras with me.  One went onto a tripod to the side, with a wide angle view of the entire dance floor, recording in 4K so I could crop down to what I needed afterwards. My other camera went onto a

Harnessing Your Natural Genius

Everyone’s a genius at something. Some folks are good at math, others are good at music, and some are good at maintaining peace. Some people make great parents, whereas others are best left to themselves, where they can work through scientific analysis like nobody else. My natural genius has always been the ability to take complex ideas and break them down to their simplest fundamentals. My wife can take a tune and come up with

Alan Tutt Speaking

Activating Your Success GPS

This video is perhaps one of the best introductions to the Symbolic Solutions process I’ve been talking about this past year. The last 10 minutes of this 31 minute video is a guided meditation in which I lead the audience through a process to get guidance on something they would like to accomplish. Over half of those attending said that they got good, usable information. Of course, this is just a sample of what you

Which Side is Right?

Most of us grew up with parents and teachers who told us that the world of our imagination wasn’t real, and not to waste time daydreaming. We have heard some people referred to as “dreamers” as if it were a bad thing. And yet, artists and inventors are some of the most revered and respected people in society. In fact, Albert Einstein has been quoted to say: “I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is

Motivation is garbage?

As I write this, I just received an email from someone recommending to take action to build a business now, and stop waiting until you “feel” like doing it. He says, Motivation is garbage. You’re never going to ‘feel’ like jumping out of bed at 5am. You’re never going to ‘feel’ like speaking up at a meeting. Stop waiting until you ‘feel’ like it. It ain’t gonna happen. That’s not how our brain works.” While

This One Thing Solves Most Problems

Most of the problems we have in life are caused by one simple thing — a lack of confidence. Your level of confidence determines whether you decide to move forward, or sit back and wait. Moving forward leads to getting what you want. Sitting back leads to being left behind. As an example, before I became a professional photographer, I had to have enough confidence to pick up a camera and try to take pictures