5 Minutes to Save $200

I was recently hired to record video for a local dance studio for one of their student showcases.

It was a fun gig, yet also quite challenging, with lots of fast-moving action.

I brought 2 cameras with me.  One went onto a tripod to the side, with a wide angle view of the entire dance floor, recording in 4K so I could crop down to what I needed afterwards.

My other camera went onto a monopod, which allowed me to move around more quickly while maintaining some degree of stability.

Afterwards, I found myself wishing I had a 2nd tripod to keep both cameras steady.

Luckily, the footage I recorded could be stabilized in the computer, and the client loved the final video.

But I still found myself wanting to buy another tripod, which for professional use, is at least a $200 investment.

I almost went ahead and bought it, but I took a few minutes to check in with my deeper mind, as I describe in the Symbolic Solutions material.

Five minutes later, I had an image of a flash bracket I rarely use attached to the camera in a non-standard way.

Intrigued, I tested it and found that adding the bracket between camera and monopod allowed me to keep the camera just as steady as with a tripod, with no additional investment.

It also allowed me to keep the mobility advantage of the monopod, which is a big plus.

So, in the end, checking in with my deeper mind saved me $200 in just 5 minutes.

And as Ben Franklin used to say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

This is just one example of what I get on a regular basis from the Symbolic Solutions process.

Between money saved and money earned, knowing this process has been worth many thousands so far.

And it just keeps going.

If you feel you need to stretch every dollar, and don’t already have a method to tap into the wisdom of your deeper mind, I highly recommend you get a copy of my Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package.

And for the time being, it’s still at it’s “pre-release” special price of just $97.

At the moment, I’m working on the last piece of the package, and when that’s done, the price will be going up to $197.

If you get in now, you can save $100 on the package, and save much more as you use it to guide your decisions and actions.

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