Month: March 2017

Foods that Help you Manifest

Most folks have a favorite type of food.  In my case, I love pizza.  I also really enjoy chocolate cake. Of course, with so many people being overweight, it seems many of us like food of all kinds. Whatever you enjoy, there’s a way to use it to manifest more of what you want in life. You may have heard me mention that the process of manifesting can be described as 3 simple steps. Relax,

The Cure for Failure Frustration

We’ve all done it. Get started on one thing, and half-way through, get distracted by something else. Maybe we weren’t seeing results as quickly as we had hoped. Maybe we got bored with what we were doing, and needed a change of pace. Maybe we learned something new, and saw that if we changed course, we could get better results down the road. But really, did it actually happen that way? You and I both

Are You Ready to be the Light of the World?

It’s been crazy over here as I’ve been organizing things to start a new email series, preparing to promote the new Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package, and completing a few other projects. One of my other projects has been to help a friend get his book completed and published on Amazon. It’s one you may be interested in. The book is called “Be the Light of the World” and is quite interesting, especially for those of

Secrets of the Ultra-Successful

One of the secrets of the ultra-successful is that they see themselves on an epic quest to overcome adversity and win against all odds. When they run into an obstacle, they know that if they give up, their story ends right there. But if they take a firm stand, and resolve to do whatever it takes to overcome the challenge, not only will they eventually win, but they become stronger in the process. No one

When is “Good Enough” Actually Good Enough?

When do you call a project done? When is “good enough” actually good enough? Some of the online marketing experts I’ve studied have suggested that the presentation of an information product isn’t nearly as important as the content. They say that no one will return the product because it has too many spelling or grammar mistakes, and you shouldn’t put too much time into polishing the presentation. I know I’ve certainly put out my share