Foods that Help you Manifest

Most folks have a favorite type of food.  In my case, I love pizza.  I also really enjoy chocolate cake.

Of course, with so many people being overweight, it seems many of us like food of all kinds.

Whatever you enjoy, there’s a way to use it to manifest more of what you want in life.

You may have heard me mention that the process of manifesting can be described as 3 simple steps.

Relax, imagine, and trust.

Too many folks either skip the relaxation step completely, or gloss over it as if it didn’t really matter.

It does.  A LOT.

The more you relax, the closer you get to the Divine Mind within, which is where the magic happens.

If you don’t get close enough to the Divine Mind, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

Which is why it’s so critical to relax as deeply as you can.

One of the neat little tricks I’ve discovered is that when you allow yourself a small indulgence, you naturally relax even deeper.

So when you need to manifest something important, take time to give yourself a small indulgence.

Now, I’m not saying to stuff your face and chow down on a table full of food.

I’m talking about a SMALL indulgence, in which you focus your mind on all the little sensations that give you pleasure.

And believe it or not, once you have memorized the details of that experience, imagining the experience works almost as well.

In some cases, even better, especially when you develop your imagination and creativity so you can imagine the experience with more intensity than the actual physical event.

When you relax and focus your mind on the feeling of pleasure, you naturally relax even deeper, and your manifestations happen a lot faster.

If you need any help relaxing deeply enough to make contact with the Divine Mind within, or with imagining what you want in intensely vivid detail, or trusting the process, I have something for you.

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