Day: January 14, 2016

How to GUARANTEE Success

Trust. It’s so easy to trust when everything is already going your way, but so hard when all you can remember is frustration and disappointment. If you’ve been working with the ideas I’ve given you so far in this blog series, you’ll probably notice that it’s already getting a little easier to trust. In fact, you may have noticed that you don’t get as frustrated or disappointed as you used to. What’s that?  You HAVEN’T

How to Improve Your Ability to Visualize

Yesterday, I mentioned that the simplest approach to manifesting your desires is to put yourself into a semi-trance state and then use visualization while feeling good. I also promised to explain this in more detail. Putting yourself into a semi-trance state, we covered yesterday.  Act as if you’re settling in for a nap.  Allow yourself to drift off, but don’t actually go to sleep. The deeper you can go, the better. If you have any