Month: October 2014

Why Today may be the Best Time to Manifest Your Dreams

Halloween used to be considered the BEST time to make contact with “the other side”.  It was said that the barrier between the physical and spirit worlds was thinner than at any other time. Considering that the process of manifesting your desires makes use of spiritual power, it could be said that this is also the best time to do any manifestation work. One of the key themes in this series is that imagination plays

How to Change the Past

A technique I’ve been working with more lately is one that was hinted at in my “Choose To Believe” book and briefly mentioned directly in “Harmonic Prayer“. While I thought I understood what it could do, I wasn’t prepared at HOW MUCH it has changed the balance of my entire belief system.  Considering that I’ve been working with my beliefs for years and years, this is incredible! The principle is based on the idea that

How to Find Hidden Limitations

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that one of my new commitments was to invest at least 30 minutes each day to my own personal development. While I will admit that I may have missed a day or two, the time I’ve invested is already paying off handsomely.  In fact, I found some self-worth issues I didn’t realize were there. Here’s how you can find such ‘hidden’ issues. First, pick an area of life