Month: November 2012

How to Truly Make a Difference With Your Holiday Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is once again upon us. Everywhere you look you see ads offering special deals and urging you to “Buy Now and Save!” And while it’s a great thing to show others how much they mean to you with a gift of some kind, how do you know when you’re buying the RIGHT gift. There are several reasons for wanting to buy gifts. For some folks, the reason is selfish, and the

Why Gratitude Attracts Abundance

Gratitude has long been known to produce abundance in every area of life. Everyone who teaches abundance refers to it in one way or another. But exactly WHY does it work? Most folks, including those who teach abundance principles can’t tell you because they don’t know. The reason is pretty simple, actually. Gratitude works to attract abundance because when you are in a state of gratitude, you are in harmonic resonance with the Divine Essence