Why Gratitude Attracts Abundance

Gratitude has long been known to produce abundance in every area of life. Everyone who teaches abundance refers to it in one way or another.

But exactly WHY does it work?

Most folks, including those who teach abundance principles can’t tell you because they don’t know.

The reason is pretty simple, actually.

Gratitude works to attract abundance because when you are in a state of gratitude, you are in harmonic resonance with the Divine Essence of the Universe, which is the source of all abundance.

When you are in harmony with the Universe, abundance is naturally attracted to you, just as metal is attracted to a strong magnet.

However, many folks may feel that this doesn’t really answer the question.

So let’s take it further. Why does being in harmonic resonance with the Universe result in abundance being attracted to you?

Again, the answer is pretty simple.

Being in harmony with the Divine Essence of the Universe attracts abundance because when you are in harmony with the Universe, you are in touch with the Divine Power which creates everything, and that Power is automatically directed to create experiences for which you can be grateful.

It’s like your mind, in being grateful, is giving the Divine Power of the Universe a positive template to follow in creating future experiences into your life.

When you allow yourself to feel anger, frustration, or envy, you open yourself to the unhappy experience of directing Divine Power to create negative experiences instead.

This is one reason why we have so many holidays in the winter months to help us focus on the positive emotions of gratitude and love.

These emotions help us to stay in harmony with the Divine, and therefore help us to attract positive experiences into our lives.

Many years ago, when I lived in Kansas City, I frequently wallowed in negative emotions such as anger, hate, envy, jealousy, frustration, and so on.

Of course, my life was filled with negative experiences which reflected the dominant attitude in my mind.

When I learned about the power of the mind, and especially the power of gratitude, it took a firm commitment to CHOOSE more positive emotions long enough for the essence of them to be reflected into my life.

It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

The more I focused my mind on love, the more love that came into my life.

The more I focused my mind on those things I could be grateful for, the more I experienced things for which I could be grateful.

This is the real meaning of “like attracts like”, and the reason why gratitude attracts abundance.

Try it out. Choose to focus on gratitude for a few weeks, and watch how magical your life becomes.

Once you see the connection for yourself, you’ll never want to wallow in negative emotions again.