Year: 2010

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is one of the core qualities required for success in many areas. Without motivation, you are likely to not do anything towards your goals, which will guarantee failure, regardless of what other qualities and skills you have. As such, motivation is the first thing that should be developed. A lot of people think of motivation as the excited speaker or sports coach that yells at you to get you to do something. Although having

To Become a Winner, Associate with Winners

You’ve probably heard this before, especially if you tend to read success motivational material. The basic principle is that we tend to become like those we hang around with. In fact, this basic principle is the primary reason why those who grow up in rich families tend to become rich themselves, and those who grow up in poor families remain poor. The reason this happens is that when we spend time around a person, we

Prosperity Meditation

One thing that I’ve found to work wonderfully in shaping my thoughts for prosperity is to imagine what life will be like when I have the level of prosperity that I desire. Spending time thinking about prosperity helps to guide your mind along the proper pathways to attract true prosperity into your life. Here is a little something that should help you imagine your life filled with prosperity. There’s something magical about being able to

Good Health = High Performance

We all already know that when we feel better physically, we are able to work harder and for longer periods of time. There’s more going on here than just that, however, since when we feel better, we are also more willing to take the time to think things through in order to make wiser choices. I know that when I used to feel tired and run down most of the time, I didn’t spend a