Using Halloween to Manifest Great Blessings

Happy Halloween, my friend!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t celebrate Halloween, then this message may be especially important for you.

Because once you eliminate the folklore about what Halloween MEANS, and why the holiday got started, and look at what it IS, you see that the essence is centered around the idea of pretending to be someone different.

Most kids dress up as a character they’d LIKE to be, or a character with traits they admire, and this is something we can use to manifest a more enjoyable future for ourselves.

When you study human nature as I have, you find that most of us do something like this everyday.

We hold ourselves back from being too outrageous because “that’s not who I am”.

We hold back from certain things because we don’t want to be seen as “that type of person”.

On the flipside, we do some things we’d rather not do to appear to be respectable, presentable, and professional.

Or maybe we’d like to do some things, but don’t because it just doesn’t feel right.

I know when I was growing up, I held back from many things. So much so, that when I decided I WANTED to be more outgoing, I felt a HUGE resistance because “that wasn’t who I was”.

That’s why I enjoy Halloween. It gives us an excuse to express a persona completely different from our usual personality, and everyone accepts it without too many questions.

The concept of pretending is an interesting one.

It’s something we all do as children, almost as if it were a built-in instinct.

Every animal on this planet has built-in instincts that serve to help each animal succeed in life.

Squirrels bury nuts for winter.

Birds build nests to lay eggs.

Cats get real focused when they see quick-moving objects.

Humans pretend to be someone they’d like to be.

When I noticed this and started experimenting with the idea of pretending that life was as I wanted it to be, I found that this is often the most powerful form of magic of all.

The process I’ve been sharing with you (relax, imagine, trust) has pretending at it’s core.

When you imagine the result you want to manifest, you are essentially pretending that it has already happened, at least within your mind.

What happens if you take this outside your mind into the physical world around you?

What if you look around your home and see the types of things you’d like to possess?

What if you look in your wallet and see it filled with $100 bills?

What if you look at your car and see the type of car you’d most like to have?

What if you look at your spouse and see the type of person you’d like them to become?

What if you look in the mirror and see the type of person you’d like yourself to become?

What if you ….?

Obviously, you can only take this so far.

If your bank account is currently under $1000, you probably shouldn’t write a check for a new car.

Far better to pretend that your current car is everything you want it to be. At least for today.

This attitude of mind will attract whatever is necessary for you to GET a car that’s everything you want it to be.

Maybe you’ll get a business idea that will bring in more money in a month than you made all year.

Maybe you’ll get a feeling to buy a lottery ticket that ends up being a winner.

Maybe you’ll meet someone who feels guilty about they way they treated you in the past and wants to make it up to you.

Maybe something else will happen.

You never really know HOW it will manifest, so just be open to whatever comes you way.

All you have to do is trust that it will happen.

And one way to develop that trust to to relax, imagine it happening, and bringing that vision with you as you go through your day, pretending that the magic has already happened.

And for heaven’s sake, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

It’s worked well for me.

I’m sure it will work for you too.