Breaking Through Barriers – Part 2

In my last post, I started describing a process that will allow you to alter your memories of the past so you can shift your beliefs to manifest more of what you want in life.

The idea behind this is that we manifest according to our beliefs, and our beliefs are based on our memories.

A common theme in most Law of Attraction processes is that they create new memories, either through repeated affirmations of an idea, visualization of the desired result, or something else that gives you a “reason to believe” that something new can happen.

Even something as simple as EFT is based on the idea that when you tap specific points, this will cause a shift, and it’s our memories of tapping and what it means that creates change.

Of course, like most things, it only works if you believe in it.

Incidentally, the only reason people say a process works whether you believe it in or not is to help you reach a point of belief.

EVERYTHING works or doesn’t work according to your belief in it.

Okay, enough of that tangent. Back to our main subject.

If you recall from last time, the start of this process I’m sharing with you is to relax deeply and allow yourself to indulge in positive emotions like joy, pleasure, or even pride.

These 2 steps, by themselves, can shift your reality and create a series of wonderful blessings that appear to come out of nowhere.

Before we go further, take a moment now and relax and recall a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Focus on that good feeling, and imagine what it would feel like if it were 1000 times stronger.

Mentally drop all connections with the outer world, and allow yourself to become totally immersed in this good feeling.

I’ll wait for you.

The more you practice this, the easier it will get, and the more blessings you’ll find in life.

As you continue through this process, refresh this feeling of joy and satisfaction between each step.

The rest of this process revolves around 2 ideas.

Remove (or at least weaken) any negative memories, and create new positive memories that echo the types of things you want to manifest.

Let’s start by removing the negative.

There are a wide variety of ways to do this.

I’ll describe a few, and you can use the core principles to come up with more. Use as many as you want, and feel free to repeat this from time to time.

Common to all of these is the use of symbols while in a deep state of relaxation.

In other words, we’re using self-hypnosis here.

Which means that you want to be in a deep alpha or light theta level of mind. Deeply relaxed.

Another commonality is that the suggestions here are meant to be FUN. PLAY with them. Bring that intense feeling of joy and satisfaction with you throughout the whole process.

The tone and nature of your feelings will leave traces on all memories you touch during this.

Okay, on to the suggestions.

One way to clear our old negative beliefs is to imagine that the landscape of your mind is being washed with a flood of cleansing liquid.

As with most hypnotic processes, this is magic liquid that only affects the negative memories and leaves the positive ones in place.

A slight variation of this is to imagine your memories like a lawn, and you’re spraying a “weed and feed” mixture to kill the weeds (negative memories) while feeling the positive (grass).

If there is major renovation needed, you could hire a crew to do the work for you, and just watch them reshape the landscape of your mind to be a more beautiful place to be.

Another slight variation of this is to imagine your mind as a house, and you (or a hired crew) are making repairs and doing remodeling.

Or maybe you prefer to see your memories as books on a shelf, and it’s time to pack away the ones you don’t want any longer and send them to be recycled.

On the recycling idea, many people imagine that they have a “root” shooting down into the core of the Earth, much like a grounding rod, and they send negative energies down that rod into the Earth where it can be recycled and returned as fresh, clean, positive energy.

Going back to the flood idea, I’ve also imagined myself standing under a waterfall, and the water is washing away all negativity, leaving me invigorated and vibrating with positive energy.

Going a completely different direction, you could imagine that you’re standing next to a magnet that only pulls negative memories / energy, and this magnet takes all the negativity away.

If you think there’s something major that needs to be surgically removed, you could imagine that a specially-trained doctor is operating on you to remove the offending memories.

Once the memories are gone, it’s like the events never even happened.

You could imagine a fire, and you can choose which memories to throw into the fire and which ones to keep. Watch the unwanted memories turn into smoke.

Fire is a type of chemical process. You could imagine that you’re soaking in a tub of a special chemical that turns negative memories / energy into positive energy that will empower you in many wonderful ways.

Another idea is to lock the negative memories away in a super-strong box, and throw that box into the sun, or through a black hole, or through a portal into another dimension.

In all of these suggestions, there’s really no need to revisit the old memories. Just know that they are being eliminated, and your deeper mind will understand what to do.

This is definitely getting to be a long post.

The last part is easily described, so I’ll keep going.

Once you’ve cleared out the negative memories, it’s a good idea to just rest and settle into a feeling of clarity and weightlessness.

It’s such a freeing experience to be rid of all that negative junk.

And when you’re ready, once again refresh your feeling of deep relaxation and positive emotion, and then imagine all of your dreams coming true.

Allow yourself to indulge in any number of daydreams where everything goes perfectly, and you get exactly what you would ask for.

If you want, you can imagine a time in the future, or a time in the past.

Imagining things in the past can help to create the positive memories that support more positive beliefs.

Look at it this way, if you had memories of being successful at something 100 times before, it would be easy to expect that you’ll be successful any other time, even if it’s the first time you’ve actually done it physically.

The trick is to relax deeply, imagine the event in rich, vivid detail, and make it as real as an actual physical event.

When you do this, your memories will seem as if you actually did do it physically.

Try using this process a few times, and let me know if any questions come up for you.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.