Winter Reflection

Here it is less than 2 weeks before Christmas, and I finally have a chance to sit down and breathe again.  WOW!  What a year!

I know I’m not the only one who feels that life continues to speed up at a phenomenal rate.  Most of the folks I talk to and work with feel the same way.  In fact, just last night, someone said that time itself is speeding up.

Speaking of last night, I attended another Drum Wash Healing session, and this time I brought my professional recording gear to capture the full ambience of the experience.  Editing it into a simple stereo audio turned out to be simpler than I expected, as the various tracks blended together to create a fuller, richer experience.

Here’s the final recording: (About 55 minutes)

I pulled out all the in-between stuff, so the drums flow from one session to the next.  If you can, listen to it with headphones.  You’ll get a feeling of actually being there, with the sound of the different drums surrounding you on all sides.

Somewhere in July, I wrote down a list of things I’ve been wanting to do, including writing a new book, producing a Harmonic Prayer course on video, and making some technical changes to the website, including a new mailing list system.

I have a number of pieces in place for all of them.  For example, I have purchased and installed the new mailing list system, but haven’t yet tested it to make sure it’s going to work the way I want it to, after which I’ll feel comfortable making the switch.

I also have an outline for the new book and video course, and purchased a whiteboard to use in the videos.

Part of my mind wonders if there’s something within that needs to be addressed, with all the unfinished projects on my ToDo list.  Another part assures me that I’m in a metamorphosis, and there are significant changes ahead.  Changes which I have manifested and will appreciate once they come to fruition.

Both parts recognize that maintaining a clear focus on what I want and trusting that great things are manifesting are the keys to leading these changes to the positive outcomes I desire.

And it’s working.  More and more people in my local area are coming to me for help with marketing and web development.  I’m getting more videography jobs, and having a great time producing things like the recording above.

And slowly, but surely, I’m also moving closer to being ready to produce the next (and best) course for my online audience.

Whatever Life has in store for us, it’s going be great!