The Real Key to Manifesting

I had planned to take a break from posting this weekend, however, with so many great questions coming in, I figured it was best to answer them.

Maybe you’ve wondered about some of these things.

BTW – these questions are focused on the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course I released this past week.

Okay, so let’s get some of the easier questions out of the way first.

One question that always comes up is whether this whole manifesting thing is approved by some religious text, usually the Christian Bible.

When I first wondered about how miracles were performed, I was very much focused on the Christian Bible, and started there looking for answers.

Even after I studied hundreds of other books, delving into other religions and systems of magick, I went back there and found support for what I had learned to be the truth.

So while my materials are not BASED on any religious text, my methods are SUPPORTED by them.

I could draw direct parallels between what I do and what is taught in almost any religious text.

Maybe another time.

Also in the “easy to answer” category are the questions about how long it takes to manifest.

Lots of variables to consider on this one, but here are some general guidelines.

If your intention is to “manifest” someone turning their head and looking at you, or some other simple action, it should only take a minute or so.

Some goes for manifesting a parking space or a winning hand in a card game.

If you want to manifest some quick cash, maybe an hour or two can produce a nice find, or perhaps a favor from a friend.

If you want to manifest a new relationship, a new job, or something else that will last a while, it’s completely possible to see results in less than a week, although it may take a month or two.

Manifesting a lottery win will probably take much longer, as you have to work on multiple levels of belief to support that, and you’re also competing with millions of others wanting the same thing.

How fast you see results depends more on your level of belief than anything else, or in other words, the strength of your expectation of positive results.

When your belief isn’t as strong as you’d like, then we get into other things, such as how deeply you can relax and how clearly you can imagine the desired result.

These things are what shift your beliefs, and if your belief needs help, these are what help it.

BTW – these questions are focused on the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course I released this past week.

The next question I want to answer deals with how to manifest good things when you are in a relationship with someone who has very negative beliefs.

This is one I spent many years trying to answer for myself, and I think I’ve come up with a few answers that should work for anyone.

First, know that your beliefs are the most influential regarding your experiences.

If you believe one thing, and your partner believes something else, there are a variety of ways you can both experience separate outcomes.

Obviously, the relationship could end, and you both go separate ways.  That’s one solution.

According to some quantum theories, particular the many-worlds theory associated with the Copenhagen Interpretation and illustrated by Schrödinger’s cat, it’s possible that 2 people could experience completely different outcomes even in the same situation.

However, we really don’t need to go to that extreme in our thinking of possibilities.

Perhaps the best answer here is that when you consciously, deliberately connect with your Divine Source to manifest something, anything standing in your way will change to fit into your manifestation.

In other words, if you have a negative-thinking partner, that partner may start to think more positively.

Think of it as a game of tug-of-war.

You and the Divine are on one side, and your partner is on the other.

Who do you think is going to win?


A line from the Christian Bible often quoted is, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Adapt this as “If the Divine is with me, who can stand against me?”

The last “easy answer” question to address here is one asking if trying to analyze what you’re doing will interfere with the process.

Yes, it will.

When you’re trying to analyze what you’re doing, your mind is not 100% focused on what you’re doing, and less of yourself is going into the process.

This is what has made it difficult for me to document what I do on a level that can be described to others so they can duplicate my results.

it’s why, after 35 years of doing this, that I’m still finding new aspects of the process that can be simplified, and other aspects that need more attention.

And this leads to the last group of questions to answer.

BTW – these questions are focused on the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course I released this past week.

Several of the questions that have come in recently ask about the specific mechanics of manifesting, such as how do you stay focused, how long do you have to focus on your goal, and how to imagine the desired result in enough detail for it to manifest.

Other than directing you to the new 30-day ecourse and my other books, which are all intended to answer these questions in a way you can follow and duplicate, the best I can do is to describe how I do my manifesting.

The process is a little different depending on whether I’m just doing a little quicky thing or whether I’m working on a larger project.

Either way, the process is the same 3 steps I keep talking about.

Relax, imagine, and trust.

For a little quicky thing, I just take a deep breath, relaxing as much as I can during that breath, then I focus on what I want to manifest with the idea that I am projecting my thoughts into physical reality.

This is supported by a strong expectation of success.

The thought being projected doesn’t have to be perfectly detailed, with every atom in place, but the more detail I can imagine, the better.

In some cases, a vague outline of what I want is enough, because I have enough faith to make it work.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what I do when I want a change in weather, because my belief is strong enough to make ANY process work.

And that’s the real key.

When you have a strong enough belief, the process itself doesn’t really matter.

That’s why my Choose To Believe book focused exclusively on changing beliefs.

For a larger project, I take more time, and put more into each step, because these are projects where my belief needs the extra help.

In larger projects, my first step is to take time to go into a deep meditation.

During this meditation, I focus on relaxing as deeply as I can, and in making a strong connection with the Divine Source.

This connection is made by focusing my mind on positive emotions, like pleasure, joy, love, and gratitude.

These open the gateway to Divine Power.

Once I am virtually vibrating with Power, which usually happens within 10 to 15 minutes, I turn my thoughts to what I want to manifest, and imagine it in as much detail as I can.

I might spend 5 minutes on this, or I might spend an hour.  Depends on how I feel and what else I have to do at that time.

From there, I open my eyes and shift my focus to the outer world, still imagining that I am living with the realization of my desired outcome.

I might spend another period of time imagining the world around me as changed to a new reality.

In other words, I follow the natural instinct all humans express as children, and I PRETEND that reality is different from what it was.

Again, all this is supported by a belief, a faith, that my efforts will produce a result, and that the desired outcome will be created.

From there, I release it all, express gratitude for the coming results, and move on to something else.

When I start to feel uncertain about anything, or if I feel like engaging in the process again, I do exactly that.

I know that if I try to “force” the result to happen, or if I think I “need” to do more, then my belief is weak, and I need to work on the belief first.

Now, if this description doesn’t quite answer your question about “how do I do this?”, then I invite you to follow the new 30-day e-course.

Some things just can’t be described until you do them.

It’s like riding a bike, or swimming.  No one can tell you what it feels like until you have the experience for yourself.