Survey Results, and More Questions Answered

Over the last few weeks, there have been quite a few questions asked about manifesting.

And today, we have more questions to answer.

Before I get into the questions, however, I want to share the results of a small survey I’ve been running on the signup form for the new 30-day e-course.

Not surprisingly, when asked what people want to manifest into their lives, wealth came in as #1.

In fact, nearly everyone signing up for the e-course marked wealth as one of the things they wanted to manifest.

Looks like this would be a good topic to write about more often.

Here are the tallies:

  1. Wealth: 98.1%
  2. Peace of Mind: 74.6%
  3. Happiness: 67.3%
  4. Success: 58.2%
  5. Love: 50.9%
  6. Romance: 30.9%

I recently added health as a choice, and expect that to come up high in the list.

Okay, on to the questions.

The first question I want to address is a really good one about how do you manifest something intangible, such as safety or peace of mind?

The short answer is that when you are imagining the thing you want, you focus on the feeling.

So, for something like safety, you imagine what it would feel like to be safe and secure, without any worries, fears, or threats from outside forces.

Maybe you imagine yourself surrounded by a impenetrable shield, an army of guards, or perhaps a magnetic field which attracts positive events and repels harmful ones.

For peace of mind, you focus on the feeling of being at peace, perhaps as you imagine yourself relaxing on a beach, or in front of a fireplace, or jogging along in a quiet neighborhood.

In the new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course, we get right into imagining feelings within the first couple of days, so you get plenty of practice doing this throughout the course.

We had a couple of questions come in about how to know what you want, or if it’s okay to want certain things.

Last September, I sent out an email addressing this topic, and the core idea is that when you don’t know what specific thing you want to manifest, the first step is to focus on the feeling you want to experience.

So, if you currently feel that Life is dull and boring, you might decide that you want to experience a feeling of joy and excitement.

Or if you currently feel that something is missing, you might want to focus on a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Or maybe you feel that too many things go wrong and you just want Life to be easier.

For any of these things, if you focus on manifesting the feelings you want to experience, then events occur so that whatever needs to happen will happen for you to experience them.

As far as the questions about whether it’s okay to want certain things, here’s my take on that.

The whole reason we have desires and the power to manifest them is because we are co-creators with the Divine, and are meant to create the things we desire.

Now, some may say that our desires are part of a test, and we need to deny those desires in order to attain “salvation”.

Personally, I don’t agree.

In my opinion, these ideas have been used to keep the masses in servitude to those in authority.

I hear these ideas most in the Christian religion, and there I can say that Christ, the teachings of whom the religion is based upon, said that we can ask for anything in prayer, and as long as we believe we’ll get it, we will.

He also said that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the things for which we ask.

“Ask, and it is given.  Seek, and you shall find.  Knock, and the door shall be opened.”

Christ never said that we could only ask for certain things, but said that as long as we had faith in our prayers, we could have anything.

Okay, enough of the religious talk.

Hopefully, those who are caught up in those perverted ideas will see that the Truth is something more beautiful and permissive.

Actually, this gets into another question that came in this past week.

“Is this anything to do with witchcraft?”

Most often, this question comes from someone caught up in the old ideas I just talked about.

Almost never does it come from someone who actually knows what witchcraft is all about, or the religion of Wicca behind it.

Let’s just say that there are distinct differences between what I teach and the practices of witchcraft, but there are some similarities too.

Of course, there will be similarities with ANY system which produces real results from conscious intention.

This means there are also similarities with the prophets of old, who performed magic and miracles.

Having said all that, the system I teach has more in common with the prophets than it does to witchcraft.

The last question to address today is one that refers back to a recent email.

“How can one overcome impatience for manifesting?”

I can share 2 ideas here.

First, know that the manifestation process will take more or less time depending on how well you are able to focus on what you want in a way that encourages it to manifest.

This means that when you’re first starting out, it’s likely to take more time than it would for someone who has extensive experience.

As much as we are in a culture of “instant gratification”, not everything happens instantly.

In fact, almost nothing does.

  • Getting a college degree takes more than a month.
  • Getting approved for a home loan usually takes more than a few days.
  • Even cooking a microwave dinner takes more than a few seconds.

Everything takes time, and accepting this is a characteristic of maturity.

In the end, it comes down to making a choice.

Choosing to invest whatever time is required to get the results you want.

It used to be that if you wanted to develop the ability to manifest your desires, you needed to invest DECADES of time to the process.

Over time, the process has been simplified, and shortcuts found.

Even so, unless you’re in a very unique situation, the process of developing the ability to manifest reliably and consistently usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

My new 30 Days to Divine Power e-course will show you the process in just 30 days, and give you plenty of opportunity to practice the skills.

It’s completely possible that you’ll notice positive manifestations happening during the 30 days, as the practice exercises are designed around a process of manifesting general blessings in every area of your life.

The other idea on how to overcome impatience is to realize that if you did nothing, time will pass anyway.

So, in 30 days, 60 days, or even 6 months, if you do nothing, your life will probably be essentially the same as it is now.

I can tell you that in my experience, I spent YEARS looking for a quicker, easier way to develop these abilities.

If I had accepted that it would take 6 months to a year, and given myself over to an organized plan of action, I would have seen positive results much, MUCH quicker than I did.

Which is why I create the books and courses I do.

I want to help you manifest your desires in the quickest, easiest way possible.

If you trust me and follow my lead, I’ll help you get there as fast as humanly possible.

All I ask is that you give me 30 days.